Configure 10 Robux Private Servers Sort to Instead Display Free Private Servers

What’s that? Do I hear the word deprecated?

Let’s begin frank. The 10 Robux VIP Servers is outdated.

Okay, time to get into the details. The sort titled “Play Together (10 Robux VIP Servers)” has two problems: The games featured always have free servers, and the concept of 10 Robux Private Servers is absurd.

The name, “VIP Servers,” is deprecated itself, but that’s another topic covered in this post.

Alright! Let’s take a look at the sort:

Robloxian High School: Free Private Servers.

Camping: Free Private Servers.

Speed Race: Free Private Servers.

Summer Camp Hangout: Free Private Servers.

Fishing Simulator: Free Private Servers.

TPS: Ultimate Soccer: Free Private Servers.

The list goes on, and on, and on! All games in this sort have free Private Servers! Has the algorithm started interpreting 10 Robux as free?

Alright, there’s two ways to go about this. With the minimum price of Private Servers dropping to 0, many games have opted to have free Private Servers. 10 Robux Servers is now outdated, as that is no longer the minimum price. Now you can “Play Together” without spending a penny!

Now, we could enforce the rule to it’s name. Make the sort only feature games that have 10 Robux Private Servers. But this is not desired, as it perpetuates the deprecation of the 10 Robux minimum Robux price for Private Servers.

What’s the better thing to do? Change the meaning and title of the sort! How about instead you feature games that have free Private Servers? This would preserve the idea of “Playing Together,” but would be present and contemporary. With the obscure restriction of 10 Robux lifted, it would now make sense to offer a category featuring free Private Servers. This seems to already be happening; all games featured are giving free Private Servers!

This change would kick every game in the sort that’s still charging Robux for a Private Server. If all games truly are free, something I haven’t confirmed, then all that’s needed is a name change!

TL;DR: Convert the 10 Robux VIP Server sort with a modern Free Private Server sort.

Thank you for your time.