Renaming Game Active/Inactive to Public/Private

I was skeptical about it, since I figured it was just going to be a bit pointless, until I noticed you can play even when it’s private, which is actually a really nice change after a second’s thought!

Place visits to Game sessions next?

The term “place visit” is very confusing…

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I agree that the concept of “place visits” no longer makes sense. We will probably change it to “plays” at some point.


I think you guys just need to worry about giving us a better way to show we updated the game!

Sounds like a step in the right direction!

I’d also love to see the ability to sort all your public places, not just the games.

This is a nice change! It certainly makes it more clear.

local RS=game:GetService("RunService")

  print("THANK YOU! YES! :D")

*whether :wink:

I hate this update.

jk. I love this update. Thanks!

Glad we’re going to be able to test updates with private mode, it’s going to make life a lot easier!

Amazing change, hopefully they’ll add multiple players testing soon!

This is amazing, I was always struggling turning my places on and off.

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Awesome! The amount of times I’ve needed to test an update without opening the place. Good update. :+1:


Perhaps we can rename Games / Places back to Universes.

I loved that name so much. It also isn’t confusing as hell.


Sounds great! …but it makes no difference for me. :frowning:

can this be next pls


At first it did not make much sense, but it did after I saw that we will be able to play our own games when they will be disabled.

Any time frame for this being released?


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