Renaming the "Cool Creations" section

As per what Lilly said in a separate thread, I wanted to raise up this suggestion:

I think the Cool Creations section should be changed to “Development Feedback” or something similar. Cool Creations is a name that doesn’t really facilitate constructive criticism, but instead gives off a sort of vibe that makes you want to just give small praises for “cool creations” that developers have created/are creating.

Yes, the name “Development Feedback” gives off a completely new vibe, and it may seem that then there would be no more room for people simply trying to post their progress without asking for feedback, but we do have threads like the “Show us your cool creations” that seem perfectly fit to just showing any progress you may have to share.

I think if the name was changed, people would be more inclined to both ask for constructive criticism and provide it.

This is a relatively small and easy change, but I feel like it would really make a huge impact in terms of the growth of developers.


A category for constructive criticism would definitely be useful. I think we would benefit more by creating a separate category instead of repurposing Cool Creations though. Threads in Cool Creations aren’t always necessarily looking for feedback. Cool Creations might be used for releasing creations where we accept feedback but that’s not the main purpose of the thread, or for just showing off hard work without intending for criticism.

By creating a new category, the intent of the thread is better communicated. If not specified, a thread meant to draw criticism may just receive “neat” if it’s interpreted as a cool creation, or the other way around.


If a new sub-forum like that is added, I think we basic users should have post access to it. “Up-and-coming” developers need constructive feedback the most.


I definitely am in support of this. It should be open to everyone since feedback is the #1 thing that will help new developers potentially become big time developers.

And yeah, preferably I’d like to see a completely new category for development feedback. It would be the least confusing solution, in my opinion.

I agree with @EchoReaper. It should be a whole new category instead. If I were to post in Cool Creations, I would like people to know about it, not to criticize. I would prefer there to be another category for users who prefer constructive criticism.