Renderer for Hire


PFP: 200 Robux

Full Body Character Render: 500 Robux robux (pose)

Character in scene: 1000-1500 Robux (depending on the amount and time of work into the scene and render)

Minimalistic game scene: 2.5k robux (incl. 1-2 characters scene has 2-3 major objects, plenty of details)

Premium/Delux Render: 5k Robux (pretty much limitless render of any subject, type or preference)

New! Desktop Wallpaper: 8k Robux (Up to 5k render dimensions, any style)

Render of the month: Tesla X

See more at my deviantart >>>


Just wondering, what are your specs? And how much would you charge to render animations?

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Im not much of an animator in blender. rendering 20 seconds takes days, and my animation quality isn’t good enough. Specs vary, the more high resolution the longer it takes to render. 3 hours of rendering is the equivalent of a fairly good render (with an average amount of items populating the scene). A 1920 by 1920 PFP can be rendered in 45 minutes. Of course, thats unnecessary but thats what this is:

The less time = more noise.


Oh. I say that because I’m an animator and I use maya and it would be nice to not have to render. Thanks anyways.

PS: I stopped using blender because because cycle’s noise render times were driving me insane.

Pretty neat prices.

What would you consider a “Premium” render from those you showed?

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none of those. I haven’t had many customers who ordered such things. By premium, I mean something like Maplestick’s

Are you capable of producing something like that? To that quality?

Edit: Okay, to be honest, as less of a modeller and more of a renderer (more into editing existing models). However, with the time given, I would be able to produce something to this quality. Each one us renderers have different sets (and some shared) skills, and so I might not be able to make this scene (Some concepts in this scene I have yet to learn, mainly the mist), but I would in another form. @spooky_siro

P.S. I do love a good challenge, if you have any ideas, please DM me, and I’ll get started :slight_smile:


Good luck with commissions , hope it goes well :slight_smile: .

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Definitely reasonable prices, will consider!! :slight_smile:

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Assembled an Imgur album of my top renders. Check it out at

Am I too expensive?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you model or just render?

Which one do you mean?

Do I model items in my renders? I do a little bit of both, but I mainly start off with the pre-made clothing, character body, roblox library items, etc. I then modify these to make them better, more realistic.

Do I model, as in am I a builder? I’m only just starting to build for roblox studio games, and everything I build is in blender. I have a few disadvantages, mainly since I am not a textureer or a uv mapper, which means somone else would have to do that. Although for simple models, I can easily divide up the model based on its colors. I obviously have some advantages, since I can create a wider range of things in a shorter amount of time.

I’m getting better everyday, legit! :smile:

Update y’all!!!

If you don’t want to spend anything at all, then check this competition out!

Just pushing this back up. Keep in mind that I am available for:

  1. Comissions
  2. Short-term hire with team
  3. Long-term hire

You may consult me for prices, as the ones listed just give you an idea of how much, different projects pay more/less.