Reopen Member To Regular Promotions Please!

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to … Continuosly support the community on devforum, via answering any questions. And suggest new features for the platform, as well as interact with adminastrators.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because …
I’ve been a member for as long as I can remember, and legitamately have a list of things I would suggest in Studio Features. Sadly I just realized that you can no longer become a regular, because the rules for ranking are out of date, and no one has switched them since then! Please update the rules for ranking! I love spending my time on devforum answering peoples questions, I have wanted to become a regular ever since I joined it, and have been heavily discouraged ever since I found out I was unable to become a regular. I would really really love to have my time in the devforum also counted towards one of my goals! Sorry for the trouble with this, just have always wanted access to studio features, then realized that I could essentially not get access to it, until the rules were fixed! Whicchhhh I had no idea when was gonna happen.

Edit: I just realized that this topic has already been asked about before, albeit in different ways, and for different reasons, sorry for this topic then, although I do find it annoying and frustrating, that even with so many requests, the simple issue of a rule outdated has still stopped roblox from fixing this issue.

Edit 2: Thank you @Crazedbrick1 for clarifying the issue for me! It seems that roblox is simply waiting for approval to come back! Although I do not know why this is taking so long… Anyways! This puts most of my topic out of context, but I would still just love for promotions to be reopened, as it is a great way to motivate developers to help each other with daily problems we face!


The rules are fixed. You showed screenshot proof at the bottom of your post.


Are you sure? If so I’ll take down the topic immediately! Over there in my screenshot, it shows the note still being there!


Oh, I see what you mean.

The post approval area is actually lined out, so people will know that the rules doesn’t apply anymore. They just never wanted to completely remove the old rule because post approval is “on hold”. When it comes back, they will then un-cross the rule.

Oh, no, we are the ones waiting. Roblox themselves removed post approval themselfs and are thinking of a new ranking system due to how many new users came on the Forum in the past. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ItsKoiske I completely forgot about that. I like to bunch post approval as the same thing as ranking up. Thanks.


Ah I see! So essentially they want post-approval to still be part of the selection proccess, to ensure that the person was not overly crude in wording! Or unclear. I see. Hope it can come back soon then! I made the edit! Thank you for the information!

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I’m not sure where Crazed got the information about Post Approval but that has been trashed completely from what I know from talking to people who were part of the Post Approval program. It isn’t scalable enough to be an active feature. I would wait to see what Roblox comes up with in the mean time.


My god! Don’t tell me I will have to edit my post for the third time! (Joke comment roblox: please don’t ban/remove my topic for this :pray: it’s okay to have some humour sometimes!)

I am pretty sure they just forgot to change it. I literally got promoted today to Member and everything seems normal!

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It’s not Visitor to member I’m talking about! It’s member to Regular! :slight_smile: If it were visitor to member that would be even worse and I wouldn’t be talking here today! Note: Welcome to devforum! I hope you enjoy your time here! The majority of the community is really nice!

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Post Approval member here. We left, Roblox didn’t do it for us.

Continue to give your feedback to DevRel about this issue. Koi is right about it not being scalable. Long term it was mentally straining and too much for volunteers.

Post Approval was part of the promotion criteria, now it is not. There has been no replacement so no promotions


Oh alright, my bad then! Thank you. :slight_smile:


With the addition of age verification, I think that would be something Roblox could look at for when promoting members.


The only reason you would ever need Regular right now is to post in Platform Feedback categories. If you are not an active forum member or don’t have properly thought out feedback to offer, then you don’t need Regular. Everything you need is already accessible at Member.

Developer Relations is actively working on forum maintenance and part of that includes having a way to get users posting in the feedback categories again while ensuring that it remains an accessible venue for engineers and product to gather developer feedback on the platform. They are aware of the problem and are working on a solution, but it’s not an easy one especially to meet the forum’s growth.

You can continue to use existing venues such as Support to submit feature requests and bug reports. They will still reach the same teams whether you submit it there or via a forum thread. Beyond that, there is no reason for anyone to need or want Regular. You can support other developers, answer questions and interact with engineers and DevRel as you are.


I slightly disagree, channels such as bug reports and feature requests are meant to be in devforum for a reason, support is mainly used for day to day players, and is not made for developer use as you can see here:

There is no category to submit studio bug repots, while you can email support, there is no guarantee your report will get to the right ears unlike in devforum. Additionally, regular adds on a goal to using the forum, instead of doing it from the good of our hearts. While this isn’t per say nessecary, it does help to have some external motivate.

The Support page is for filing inquiries of any kind. Support isn’t a blanket player-only support team, tickets filed with support are triaged and directed to the appropriate teams to be handled. For bug reports you can find a venue like the Bug Support group to PM your report to.

I’m not posting an opinion to be agreed or disagreed with nor did I say that the categories are not meant to be here. I’m saying that for the time being you can use alternative venues while the existing ones on the forum remain inaccessible to your trust level. You’re deconstructing my post in the wrong way.

The DevForum is all about good faith. Thinking of getting Regular as a “reward” or “goal” isn’t really a good faith argument. Why do you need incentive to help others? You help others or you don’t, you don’t need to get something out of it. The DevForum is a public resource for helping others and helping Roblox. If you’re looking for prestige, you’re in the wrong place.


Alright, sorry about that, I have to say my knowledge about support is lacking I suppose! Sorry for the trouble! Although, personally I believe that incentive is always good! But I absolutely see your point about how incentive shouldn’t have to be used to gain activity, and it would be better if the forum was based purely on people helping each other in good faith! Sorry for the trouble! And thanks for the opinions!

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However, it can function as motivation to achieve the ‘helping’ mindset. It invites newer members to participate and keep contributing, and it gives a bit of recognition for their good contributions. It shows that they’re proficient enough to use the DevForum wisely and are active contributors. It shouldn’t be a goal, but merely for providing permissions that require trust (such as bug reports & feature requests).

Currently, Regulars are a mix of active and inactive users, and there’s really a mix of knowledgeable regulars and unsophisticated regulars. In its current state, we can’t say that all regulars have enough knowledge to use the DevForum wisely (it’s just a small representation of all DevForum users). Henceforth, I advocate for Regular as role that you can earn & lose (with a grace period of course).

I completely understand your point, the DevForum is a voluntary place to discuss and share knowledge. However, it has to be fair. So, either the Regular role has to be removed completely, or a fair promotion & activity criteria has to be made.

So, in my perspective, the role Regular will indeed be a small incentive, but mainly as recognition of being knowledgeable enough to use the DevForum wisely. Eventually, hide the ‘trust level’ from others to avoid competition, but don’t leave Regulars in its current state.

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I’ve already suggested such rule:


Regular is, was or will be automated so you aren’t really getting “recognised” for anything beyond statistics on your profile. Profile statistics don’t necessarily represent your ability to contribute well and neither does a trust level. We have veteran developers who are Regulars who are still incapable of following simple things like Platform Feedback templates.

It should go without saying that the quoted part is my own opinion so you’re free to think of Regular as a reward or not but I think it’s unwise for DevRel to encourage the use of trust levels as some sort of prestige or show of a user’s ability to post, just doesn’t scale or represent anything.

Personally I wouldn’t mind flattening Member and Regular but then you have to think about the other doors that’ll open in doing that. This is primarily why we’re all encouraged to discuss in terms of problems rather than proposed solutions. That hard thinking is best left to staff. The main problem common among all threads discussing trust levels is the inability to post in Platform Feedback.


Staff said soon, but who knows how soon… Also it feels more like they might just get rid of it overall rather than bring it back with how Kero worded their response, but I’m not entirely sure.

Link to the post: