Replace all audio script (multi replacement script)

Hey again, I made a script which replaces id from both script and audios. But it supports multi replacement and I hope u enjoy.

local idstoreplace = {["urid"] = urreplacementid, ["uranotherid"] = uranotherreplavementid} -- etc..
local serviceorobject = workspace -- replace it with any instance you want it to scan

function shorttostring(num)
return string.sub(num,1,math.floor(math.log10(num)+.5))

for _,c in ipairs(serviceorobject:GetDescendants()) do
if c:IsA("Sound") then
local audiothing = idstoreplace[c.SoundId]
if audiothing ~= nil then
c.SoundId = audiothing
-- for scripts
if c:IsA("Script") or c:IsA("ModuleScript") or c:IsA("LocalScript") then
for i,v in pairs(idstoreplace) do
c.Source = string.gsub(c.Source,i,v)

If it dosent work, tell me. Because I wrote this on mobile.

It MUST be runned in a command bar or plugin. Running it as a script will error.

what is this suppose to be? an explanation please?

Remember the new boblos update? So annoying right? Don’t like manually replacing audio IDs? You can run this script in command bar but make sure to edit the table.

ohh ok ok i got it the B O B L O S update which i think many hate ok…
also you cant change the source of script in a normal script… publish it as a plugin lol

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Yeah that dumb update. So I made script

I said to run it in command bar or plugin not script

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oh ok i still dont know much about roblox features knowing i have been using it for 1 year+ lol

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