Replace Shirt & Pants with templates when failing to load

So I have a lot of NPCs in my game that uses clothing from the avatar shop and sometimes those clothing from the avatar shop may get deleted due to spam or copyrights. This could lead to the shirt/pants failing to load in-game, accidentally creating a NPC character without clothing.

It would be nice if any shirt or pants failing to load would use the shirt/pants template as placeholder instead of loading nothing.

Why this may be necessary:
I got concerned when my game’s engine model which consist of some NPCs sometimes have clothing failing to load. This can also apply to NPCs in-game as unstable server may drop clothing fetch requests?

Ps. unrelated, but where can I get a confirmation to know if my updates to my model has correctly fulfilled the criteria in the message below, I’m not sure if it’s automated so I can’t tell if it will flag me again even after fixing the issue.

Thanks for reading,