[REPLACED BY V2] BadgeService3

BadgeService3 was replaced by BadgeService3 v2. Please use that instead.

No download links are available for the old version as it is “deprecated”. If you need acess to something and you were using the old version, let me know.


Decal for the notification system is updated. If theres anything wrong please tell me!


totally gonna use this when i get my game in a working state, now, another question, how did you make those icons, can i have a copy?


So this is basically like an in-game achievements system that doesn’t use actual badges, right?

I think it’d be cool to put together a little (uncopylocked) game to showcase the module in action, so others can try it out and see some example usage.

When you say “Badge Transferring,” what do you actually mean by that?

@Wertyhappy27 if you mean the icons in the Explorer screenshot, that’s Elttob’s new Vanilla icon set for Studio:

Vanilla 3 - The pragmatic icon set for Roblox Studio


A friend helped me get the badge reward file. There’s a mention on the links and stuff.

Oh NVM u were talking about the explorer icons… Sorry he answered it for you

Just means that you can transfer them later to actual badges if you want to. Lol

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I will probably make a showcase, I really like this module. I ended up just finishing it and testing a bit and published it. So I’ll probably make one;

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It’s probably better not to use the such similar function names to the Roblox api (e.g. UserOwnsBadgeAsync vs UserHasBadgeAsync) to prevent confusion.


I’m not implying that you should use the exact same function name either, I’m saying it’s probably best to think of a new one. Maybe something like :BadgeOwned()


I mean like, i might add another names for these functions. Just like redirecting it to the actual function

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i somehow forgot to say that is has a notification system lol
heres an example, the icon is blue instead of yellow.

I found game-breaking glitches with the current version of the module. It’ll be updated soon. Just testing currently.

It’s now fixed :smiley:



module:GetOwnedBadges() now has caching;
Caching now works properly.
alot of other stuff I don’t remember guys lol

Replace the old version with the old one, the only thing you’ll have to do is copy the “virtualBadges” variable from your old one into the new one.


So does this use datastores or not?

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Yes that’s how you store that info, there’s no other way. This is not based around ACTUAL badges.

These are different but based around the same idea.

What I’m asking is does this save which badges a player has achieved.

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Yes? As long has you have datastores enabled, yes.


Custom notification image support coming soon!

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Hm, Interresting resource.

But i have a feedback: You should make UI support instead of just notifications.
(to make more customizable)


Wow this is great! But how can I basically use it?

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The tutorial is there to set it up, anything else is just based around the functions.