Replicated Script Service

When can we expect a documentation on replicated script service?
I found this on devhub which is no help at all

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This question has been answered before, this post contains your answer: What is ReplicatedScriptService?

Whatever you do please don’t use it. This service is going to allow scripts and localscripts to execute in one container. This is bad practice since it encourages developers to be lazy and put all their (local)scripts in one place. There should always be separation between the server and client.


I don’t think that Roblox would release a useless service for us thought…

Certainly it has some useful uses that we just perhaps don’t know about yet, you never know until you see exactly what it does in action.


I know exactly what it does, and it basically has been confirmed. There is no use case for wanting to execute a script and a local script in 1 container.


I would use it to load a framework so I can have both the server loader and the client loader in one place.