Replication questions

Some questions about replication:

  1. If I clone an object from ServerStorage to ReplicatedStorage (RS), will this object be automatically replicated to all (current and new) players?
  2. If I change some property of this object in RS, for example, Orientation, will this change be also be replicated to all players? Any difference if the property change is made in LocalScript?
  3. If, in ServerScript, I create a new object in the workspace, will this object be automatically replicated to all players? If yes, how to create an object for a specific player?


Yes, if it is for the client, only the player “owner” of the localscript will see it.


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if you cloned on a server script then it will replicate to everyone, if you cloned on a local script then it will not replicate to everyone

you can access an object in ServerStorage via a localscript if you had it defined before it was in there or with remotes, I bet there are other ways besides those two

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Thank you for the answers.
Summarizing my 3 questions, I can then deduce that:

  1. Objects created in the workspace via Server will be created for all player’s workspace. But if the same is done via LocalScript, it will only be created for the current player’s workspace.

  2. A property change made to an object in RS via Server will be replicated to all player’s RS. But if the same change is made through LocalScript, the object property in RS will be changed only for the current player.

Is that correct?


yea you got it right
glad we could help

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