'Report Abuse' needs more feedback


Many games and platforms including Roblox have a built in way to report players (and in the case of Roblox also content) by filling in a report and describing the situation. These ‘mechanics’ however are often poorly implemented which is also the case for Roblox’s main site. The reason why it’s poorly implemented is because the report system lacks feedback.

To illustrate what I mean let’s walk through the reporting process on the main site. Below we have a game which uses Minecraft assets. According to the rules Minecraft assets are forbidden on Roblox and should be taken down when seen.

Minecraft game


Because this content is against the rules, let’s click the ‘Report Abuse’ button and send in a report. After clicking the button we are sent to a page where we can explain why said game is breaking the rules, so let’s fill it in:

The report


Now that we are done, let’s click the green ‘Report Abuse’ button. So, what happens after you click the button? You are sent back to the game’s page. That’s all. There’s not even a message saying “thanks for the report!”. As a user you aren’t even told if your report was actually sent. That’s a big problem.

This isn’t the only problem though. There is another problem which is way more significant. We are never told what happened with our report. Did the game I reported get taken down? Did the guy who tried to scam me through PMs get banned? Did the person who uploaded profane content get a warning? We will never know.

Because players are never told what happened with their report they start to doubt the moderation system. You may have heard people say “the report button doesn’t work” or “my report got ignored” or other messages along those lines. This is a direct result of the missing feedback. This is a huge problem because if we don’t get to know if our report was ever received or had any effect why should we bother sending in reports in the first place? I know that the report button isn’t actually broken and does actually work, but this isn’t the case for most other people, especially kids. As a result people start to lose faith in the system and stop reporting inappropriate content & behavior. “It’s just a waste of time. It doesn’t do anything anyways” is what people might start to think. This will lead to more unwanted content and behavior in the long run because nothing is reported and taken down. Nobody wins.

The reporting system shouldn’t keep us in the dark if it wants to be more effective. I therefore propose the following additions to the report system:

  1. When a report is sent, show a message to the person who sent in the report that is has been received.
  2. When a person is punished in any kind of way as a direct result of reports being sent in by - various - people, all people who sent in a report receive an automated e-mail PM saying that their report had an effect. The message doesn’t have to be too detailed or transparent, something like “User insert username who you reported at insert date for insert reason has been punished for his/her behavior” will suffice.
  3. If the report you sent in didn’t have any effect due to the lack of description or good reasoning, the person who sent in the report is still sent an automated e-mail PM. This one also doesn’t have to be too detailed or transparent as long as it’s made clear that the report wasn’t ‘good enough’ for punishment.

If those additions were to be implemented there would be more reason for people to send in reports. I think this will lead to people being more descriptive when sending in a report and people being more willing to report inappropriate content and behavior in the first place. I don’t know how the report system works within the games themselves but if it also lacks the needed feedback, the same should be applied for them.

Let me know what you think,

– Zomebody


I was really impressed with twitter’s reporting system. I got emails from an actual person saying that they received my report and are reviewing it. Anything, at least something like this would make reporting feel less “useless”.


PM* please. I don’t think the younger portions of ROBLOX use their e-mail.


Full support on this! I’ve heard multiple users say that the system doesn’t work.

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I posted a request thread a while back for report status/feedback. It seems to be under consideration.

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CS:GO actually has the Overwatch system, where you review randomly recorded games(in which someone was reported for hacking), and if you think that person is actually hacking based on gameplay, you just click a button that says “sufficient evidence”.

Now, if that player was actually cheating, and gets banned, you receive rewards such as xp and what not

Rewarding players for reporting bad behaviour is a very good idea, even if its just letting a player know that actions were taken

I support


too long didnt read past half way point but support I guess

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Thank you for your suggestions! We agree that the report abuse system would benefit from providing more immediate feedback to those who use it, so that they can have some assurance that their report will be reviewed and the situation investigated.

Regarding providing confirmation or feedback when action is taken: Unfortunately, similar things have prompted several abusive actions in the past, such as spam-reporting a user, maliciously targeting users (or their content), etc. For these reasons, that is not likely going to be something we will be implementing, but we do otherwise agree that confirming a successful report submission is a good idea. :slight_smile: