Report button on bottom of topic has no "off-topic" secion

Go into a post and look at the report buttons on the main post. Then, go down to the bottom and click that report button. The one on the footer has no “off-topic” button.

Just a minor inconvenience sometimes.


Most likely a bug on Discourses part.

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Reread the title, he says “bottom of the topic” in the end of the video where he clicks the flag button, the Off-Topic section is missing.


The bottom button flags the OP, so you had to have read the OP in order for you to think it must be flagged for off topic? You can just use the flag under the OP.

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The site admin can change this so there is no need to go to their bug report forum.

The very bottom option.

Erm, why would you need to flag the original post as off topic? Why would the original post be off topic in the first place?

Because it might be in the wrong category.