Report Catalog Errors

Hi, certain catalogue items have no image, for example the dominus formidulosus.

I hope you can find a fix to this.

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Item: Dark Knight Helmet
Link to item: Dark Knight Helmet - Roblox
Issue: Item is marked as limited, although is not able to be traded
Recommendation or corrected text: Making it an “offsale” item then making it limited should fix the issue

Item: Peppermint Top Hat
Link to item: Peppermint Top Hat - Roblox
Issue: Item is marked as limited, although is not able to be traded
Recommendation or corrected text: Making it an “offsale” item then making it limited should fix the issue

Item: Lolzard Mohawk
Link to item: Lolzard Mohawk - Roblox
Issue: Item is marked as limited, although is not able to be traded
Recommendation or corrected text: Making it an “offsale” item then making it limited should fix the issue

It’s worth mentioning that all three of these items do have owners that bought this item under the assumption that it would be a tradeable/limited item, as it was listed on the catalog as such.

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Item: Sparkle-Time Emerald Top Hat
Link to item: Sparkle Time Emerald Top Hat - Roblox
Issue or current text: The item is marked as limited; however, it is not for sale.
Recommendation or corrected text: Put the item up for sale so that players may purchase it.

This is one of the glitched limited items that doesn’t have any owners so deletion would probably be a better course of action

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Item: Adurite King of the Night
Link to item: Adurite King of the Night - Roblox
Issue: 2d-thumbnail is rendering without a texture
Recommendation or corrected text: Render it with a texture

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Item: John (Costume), Oakley (Costume), Casey (Costume) Skeptic (face)
Item link: Skeptic - Skeptic - Roblox
John - John - Roblox
Oakley - Oakley - Roblox
Casey - Casey - Roblox
Issue: The face for the costumes is the same for Skeptic face, which costs robux…
Recommendation: Either make the costume cost robux or make the Skeptic face free

Yes i will update this post if i find more

Item: Titinaium Jet Pack
Item link: Titanium Jet Pack - Roblox
Issue: ‘Titanium’ is spelt wrong in the accessory’s name.
Corrected text: Titanium Jet Pack

Item: ‘:P’
Item link: :P - Roblox
Issue: The description is missing a comma.
Corrected text: When you are feeling :P, there’s really no other way to describe it.

UPDATE: This issue has been fixed.

Item: Cats…IN SPACE: Sergeant Tabbs

Link to item: Cats...IN SPACE: Sergeant Tabbs - Roblox

Issue: This bundle’s head and body parts are the exact same as another bundle, CATS…IN SPACE: Commander Laika, due to a mistake.

In October 2021, Sergeant Tabbs was updated to support layered clothing, along with numerous other avatar bundles. However, when it was updated, all the body parts were somehow overwritten with the body parts from a similar bundle, Commander Laika.

I’m guessing whoever updated this bundle got them mixed up and accidentally published the wrong body parts, because both bundles have similar names.

(Note: Sergeant Tabbs’s head appears correct in the bundle’s thumbnail, because when MeshPart Heads are disabled, it actually uses the correct head mesh, and up until very recently, MeshPart Heads were not enabled in thumbnails.)

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this issue is also there with backpacks, like the jurassic backpack

link: Jurassic World Backpack - Roblox

the backpack only fits with the blocky type in FPS games like the characters in Energy Assault and Arsenal

Item: Hair

Link to Item: Hair

Issue: This accessory should be named ‘Denny- Hair’ as it it part of the Denny Bundle.

Items: Hair, Backpack, Hat

Link to the Hair Item: Hair
Link to the Backpack Item: Backpack
Link to the Hat Item: Backpack

Issue: These items are part of the Xuan the Traveler Bundle. The items should be renamed to as the following:

‘Xuan the Traveler - Hair’
‘Xuan the Traveler - Backpack’
‘Xuan the Traveler - Hat’

Item: Roblox Global Developer Championship Medal

Link to Item: Roblox Global Developer Championship Medal

Issue: The item does not load up correctly in the website and is shown like this in the photo below
Png (3)

Thier current logo is still spelled as ROBLOX as shown below

The old logo (2006-2017) was spelled as RŌBLOX (but people simply put it as ROBLOX or Roblox)

Their logo is stylised to better match who they are targeting or just for how it looks.
Below is a screenshot of Robloxs Name -& Logo Usage Guidelines where they use the term & I quote “Roblox” for in it.
Hopefully this clears it up! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Item: Darkseed the Fallen
Link to Item: Darkseed the Fallen - Roblox
Consistency Issue: Darkseed the Fallen
Recommendation: This item should be renamed “Darkseed: The Fallen” in order to match its blue counterpart “Blizzaria: The Frozen” and the item that currently has the name “Darkseed: The Fallen” (Darkseed: The Fallen - Roblox) should be the item named “Darkseed the Fallen.” While this may seem confusing, it is simply a matter of switching the names of two items to better match the items themselves.

this has been fixed… at least for me, because i see this -

oops the issue is present in 3d mode

its maybe a YOU issue rather than a ROBLOX issue

Edit: ohh wait yes its a ROBLOX issue if it (the Roblox Developer Dream Jam Medal) is in 3D view

Item: John
Link: John - Roblox
Issue: Searching this item with unavailable items to ‘hide’ doesn’t show and with unavailable items to ‘show’ it comes up
Recommendation: make this item show up when unavailable items are hidden


also searching this term will show irrelevant results and (maybe) insultive results