Request: Concussion Effect

I was just thinking, it’d be nice to have some kind of effect which allows you to make an effect like a flashbang where your screen is bright and shows something like this.

But perhaps make it so that instead of it making that kind of blending over that ‘screenshot’, it basically moves with your camera.
(I honestly don’t know how to explain this … :joy:)

It’s not really possible to make such effect right now (as far as I know). Though, if it is already possible, please tell me! :open_mouth:


I’d opt for an effect like this which could probably be done through fancy UI manipulation

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I think you can create an effect similar to the thing that you want specifically by having a white GUI that fades in and out when you use your flashbangs.

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Now that I think of it one big post processing feature that would help are vignette effects with color and intensity settings.

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Might need to change the title to “Concussion Effect” and switch it under Studio Requests. The ambiguity of the title kinda got my hopes up that we actually got a new effect before I saw the Feature Requests category.

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Wouldn’t it be Client requests? I read that in the pinned topic. Lighting isn’t Studio requests apparently.

You can already accomplish this with a mix of existing ones:

Max Bloom/Blur:

  • Doesn’t work on all graphics levels
  • Can still see at a distance – just really difficult to make things out
  • Doesn’t need FE to work

ColorCorrection high contrast/low fog

  • Works on all graphics levels
  • Control visibility distance with fog
  • Need FE to be able to manipulate fog locally

(with optional blur to be prettier):

If you prefer the former of the two, maybe ROBLOX could loosen the restriction on some post-processing effects requiring a certain graphics level and/or make them less performance-intensive.


I already have this, it’s pretty cool. But it’d be so much better!

What he wants is the ‘screenshot’ effect with the blurred double-vision