Request for Devs to Cancel PromptPurchase


MarketplaceService Cancel Prompt and Prompted Event

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to cancel a product purchase that was prompted without the user clicking “Cancel”, and we also don’t have the ability to see prompted purchases

The main use for this would be

Another place where it would be helpful is in the script builder games. Where users can run code and prompt purchases and developers can’t see what product it was prompted for, or if it’s for sale and costs Robux. And they can’t cancel the request either. So if someone is trying to scam others the developers can’t view or cancel the request to stop players from being scammed.

Possibly even just adding the events


Which returns the product or game pass info for the item that was used in the prompt and an option to return something from a function on the event like Enum.PromptedPurchase.Cancel.


To be honest, this is a really niche use case. A better one may be:

If the prompt is on a player’s screen in a round-based game and a round begins, this function would be used to clear the screen and shift the player’s focus back to the game at hand.


True, hope you don’t mind if I edit it and add that to it as well?


As for script builder games, you as the developer is allowing potentially uncontrolled and dangerous code running in your game - since the code can’t just be executed with loadstring() anymore, unless enabled in ServerScriptService, then you have the ability to sandbox your code to monitor and restrict certain functionality, such as attempts to call MarketplaceService::PromptGamePassPurchase, MarketplaceService::PromptProductPurchase and MarketplaceService::PromptPurchase, can you not?
(There are custom loadstring modules made by some users to look into - of which the functionality to call a method with a list of arguments is necessary to exist somewhere in the code for you to change, if you want to restrict such functionality.)

I do think that Chipio’s use case seems valid, although it can also possibly cause bad UX for players who tries to purchase an item just as the round begins, just to have the popup dismiss without them interacting with it first.


Better than being stuck in a round with a GUI on you’re screen, though. Especially if it goes into first person.