Request permission for inventory access

Hey folks! I need help.

  1. What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear!

In a game on the platform called The Neighborhood of Robloxia we have an option within the avatar editor that caught my attention.
With it we are able to access our own inventory (require the items purchased by the player), this is exactly what I need to achieve

Exemple GIF:

I tried to use proxies, however I am blocked by the private inventory
How can I achieve the same as in this GIF above?


Did you find any solution? I’m also looking into this.

You could check out this it may be helpful
(@Fr_gl, @uzerk1234)


There’s also a v1, you could check out v2 and v1


It works only if the target player sets the privacy option of inventory to anyone who attempts to get information through these APIs. However, this is not the case like the above.

Outdated info

AvatarEditorService was open to limited users, which could be requested via a survey in order to enroll in the beta version. It was then made no more usable, and this post clarifies the reason.

Under these circumstances, until the full version gets brought out, using Roblox APIs is the only way to ensure to inspect players’ inventory.

Edit: As of 21st of July 2022, developers may, from now on, benefit from AvatarEditorService, which is publicly announced.