Requesting developer feedback for social features

  • I want to display ALL of my Group’s models on Roblox but it currently only displays the three newest.
  • If it’s been suggested already, I haven’t seen it.
  • In the old days, the Catalog and Developer Library weren’t separated. Right now, all that’s holding my audience back is they have to search my Group’s name under Models. The “See All Group Items” button only displays clothing. It would make things a lot easier for tech Groups to show off their full gallery.

I haven’t made a friend of anyone under 13 since the filter came out. It is not only impossible to communicate with them, but also for them to communicate between other younger players.

I understand the need for a filter, and what purpose it serves. I simply think it is a steaming pile of rubbish year (s?) after it’s launch.


I think the split between ‘13’ and ‘under 13’ players is ridiculously oversimplified. I think that age is not some magical line of maturity, and all of the ‘under 13’ settings should simply be settings in your account that the parent or player can change.

Why is 13 a magical age where you can talk more freely? If 13, why don’t we get no filter at 16, or 18?
If you’re worried about kids lying about their age… they already do, and that’s on the parents.


Allowing settings for discord and voicechatting services, would, in my honest opinion, be the best thing you could do for the platform. Censoring ‘discord’ or refusing to promote voicechatting doesn’t inhibit the player’s decision, all it does is make it harder for them to connect together socially after they’ve made it.

Once two people have decided to voicechat, they’re going to find a way to do so, and blocking it seems rather silly.
Especially when there are easy ways to bypass this with twitter and other whitelisted websites. (and there’s nothing, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, you can do about it.)


I want to have more fun using the group system on Roblox but this is currently difficult as the group system is very outdated compared with the rest of the site and has been long awaiting an upgrade. This has been stopping communities from further improving and has limited what groups of people can achieve in both development terms and role-play terms.

There have been many feature requests and suggestions posted on the devforum talking about it. An example would be this: Lilly's Group Overhaul

The ideal solution would be for Roblox to read these popular requests, take them on board and introduce them.


Give us unlimited blocked users limit as well.

Why is it 50 in a first place? There’s loads of trolls, some people might target me, etc.


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I don’t like the filtering anyways.

People find ways to bypass the system.

Apparently every second player that gets mad at me should get a card from me on Father’s Day.
You can call people tree lovers without the word being filtered.
I start my sentence with “well” (which is my common habit) and it GETS FILTERED.

Have I mentioned I said something like “You can’t get me!” and “me” was filtered.
I was typing “me” so many times and I had to say “*Dawgra”.


I want to be able to moderate my game or published assets (like plugins) comment wall, primarily to remove all the bot comments, but there is currently nothing I can do except report the comments. Reporting comments takes several clicks and is extremely difficult to report a page full of comments that way.
Devforum feature request links:

My ideal solution would be similar to the Youtube comment flagging system. Instead of taking several clicks to report a comment, an easy one-click “Mark as spam” button will make it much easier to flag many comments. Messages marked as spam will be hidden behind a checkbox you have to click, “See messages marked as spam”.

Auto-detecting spam comments and automatically marking them as spam is a complicated undertaking but also would be extremely beneficial for this. Also, only allowing users who have played the game to comment (similar to ratings) would help cut down on spam comments.


I want notifications to work better on Roblox.
I would like to replace certain parts of the sidebar with the notifications feature (trades for example) and would also like to be able to filter notifications so popular people can ignore friend request spam etc.
Choose either notifications or sidebar, not both.
For posts just search notifications #feature-requests and you’ll get a variety of different requests to have notifications be used more.

I would like better systems around filtering and age-appropriate things so adults/mature teenagers don’t need to follow the same, crippingly-strict rules as children.


I want to be able to search from users but this is currently difficult because for some absolutely strange and mind blowing reason, Roblox filters names when you search for them.

  1. Why are you filtering a name on a website when you’re the only one that can see the text?
  2. Why are you filtering names that have already passed your filter process when you create an account.

The ideal situation is that Roblox can improve their own social features to a point where it’s not necessary to have to direct people off-site. The debate about Discord/other off-site services feels really out of line with what the OP is asking for.

For me, I want to be able to hold meaningful discussions in my group and have an easier way to share information with my players, but it’s too hard with the current group system which is extremely outdated. The solution, as others have also posted, would be Lilly’s Group Overhaul/the recent hack week project for discussion boards:


Both of them get filtered because if any bad names get through, they don’t want people to be taking screenshots of an inappropriate search with an actual result.

Feels kinda petty (is that the right word?) to me but makes sense I guess and edge cases /shrug

They have to be more lax when filtering names when a user is creating an account (otherwise lots of potential acceptable names would be filtered). They remain vigilant for searches and have a report feature to combat this.

cc @microk

In a perfect world this would be totally okay, except their filter is a piece of hot garbage.

I search for “Jenny12093102” who I’ve played in a game with for 3 hours so I can add her as a friend, since she left the game.

Just to find the numbers are too similar to a ‘phone number’ so it’s just a bunch of tags.


It’s just the way it is. It’s not a perfect world, meaning there will always be bad stuff going through, and there will always be people gullible/malicious enough to hop on the anti-Roblox bandwagon for something as inevitable and really unimportant as this.

I can’t really see any solutions. (IMO don’t think we need any, most kids get exposed to bad stuff by like age 12 anyway, what’s a little bad name? C’mon, sing it with me, ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me!’ heh)

  • This is going to sound harsh, but I wish there was a way to blacklist specific users from rejoining your Groups. Over the years I’ve had people who were repeatedly exiled rejoin and resume their shenanigans. I don’t want to have to turn manual approval on for join requests. It’s gotten so annoying, I had to make a bot for the sole purpose of demoting these obnoxious users into a muted rank every time they rejoin.
  • I haven’t seen this suggested before.
  • Ideally, it would be like those in-game ban scripts that prevent specific users from re-entering servers. I honestly don’t know why these individuals haven’t caught the eye of the Moderators already; you’d think spamming 130+ pages of the Group wall would be sufficient…

I’d appreciate the ability to specifically block individual users in groups from commenting on the group wall or even joining my group overall. Another helpful feature would be blocked users cannot join the groups I own as 9/10 they just want to cause issues with me.


Social/development-related features that would be nice:

  • Update log placed under the game where the description is(look at Fabrick), shown as the most recent update and allowing users to go back through the last 5 or so. Allows developers to more clearly advertise what is updated in their game without having to use third party platforms.
  • Group perma-ban feature which prevents the user from being able to rejoin or send a rejoin request.
  • Game newsletter subscriptions. If a user likes a game and subscribes to their newsletter, they will be able to receive a PM whenever the game owner(or somebody with the permissions in a group game) decides to send one out. This can be used to announce upcoming updates, new updates, ask for feedback, or just general promotion. This honestly is the one thing I would want the most.

Lilly’s Group Overhaul.

I believe it is clear that we all want this, so I’m going to post it one more time: Lilly’s Group Overhaul.

Really though, you asked for feedback, so I feel compelled to speak honestly — and honestly, I think deep down both developers and staff know that the current social features do not meet the standards one would have regarding a nearly-billion-dollar company. It’s not that they’re horrible, but frankly they’re just not good enough.

I’m going to use this opportunity to list out some of my thoughts. Others may not agree, but this is what I personally recommend.

  • Groups really need to be re-thought out (tip). Games cannot survive or even launch properly unless they have a proper fanbase, and it is extremely hard to accomplish that using the groups system (without a banned third-party aid).

  • #feature-requests:web-features is filled with AMAZING ideas written by extremely creative people. Browse it when you have a chance.

  • Brainstorm about the filter system. Find a solution that fits everyone. There needs to be some way to please all the overprotective parents and your committed developers. Right now you’re just sticking with the former but I think it’d be good not to slowly yet consistently lose developers.

  • Don’t just listen to your developers, follow their advice. You have hundreds of people that really want to make a living out of your platform, and one of the sole reasons they cannot do this is due to lack of support. Although I don’t necessarily agree with the whole Roblox only cares about the same top-5 front page developers! view, you have to admit it does have some valid points.

In order to follow the format:

  • I want to be able to maintain a proper community for my games on Roblox but it’s currently too hard/impossible.
  • Has it been posted on the DevForum as a feature request? Yes.
  • What would be your ideal solution? Refer to the rest of the post.

I have to post this again because clearly, somehow, people still don’t understand how important this would be to the continuity and improvement of the community.


I very often find myself mobile whenever someone I commissioned gets his/her work done, or needs to start his or her work. I often then need to change permissions from groups or pay someone using group funds but I am not able to do so because Roblox does not have a dedicated mobile group admin page.

So very often the person I commissioned needs to wait a few hours before I can do what needs to be done.

I could really use proper mobile support for the group admin page.


I want to promote conversation between my players. I want an organized forum to receive bug reports, feature requests and other feedback directly from my players instead of trying to funnel 0.1% of them off platform onto Twitter or Discord

This currently impossible.


A chat for a whole group, which is less affected by the filter, as this could make it impossible for older users to have a regular conversation.