Player search is filtered? / Searching people ends up at "Player results for ###"

I was trying to get to a friend’s profile (Malchezaar) who is also on these forums.

aand this happens when I search him

Is the filter intended to be in this part of the page?
I understand user input like forum posts or chat being filtered, but no-one else will ever see what you searched?


Existing threads:


The one time I forget to search for an existing thread on the matter… :frowning:

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here’s live action of it happening

so frustrating


Yup for now you have to use


maybe if we keep making threads they’ll get annoyed and the reason why it was added will be revealed.


Don’t know for sure if this is the reason since it’s not explained, but it’s definitely clear that this is by design (is the same way for all searches AFAIK, and for some pages you can see that the filter is applied after the unfiltered query loads first) so it can be assumed that it’s so you can’t find unfiltered content anywhere on the website. Someone could search for something inappropriate and then make a screenshot of it and say “Look how inappropriate this website is for kids!”.


Bumping this again, latest thread I can find on this issue.

All others I tried to start this discussion again on have been locked for being duplicates. (lets hope this does not happen with this one)

This is still an issue, and it can be seriously damaging for both players and developers.

Who hasn’t ever experienced a situation where they search for someone or something, and all that appears is that it has been tagged, and you’re unable to find anyone/anything because of that?

Also, for those using the “screenshot” or “kid safety” as their reason: anyone could also simply inspect element on the website, or simply type the innapropriate content in the textbox before pressing enter. It would be the exact same effect. It’s ridiculous to filter what someone searches as they’re the only ones able to see it, and anyone taking “screenshots” of obvious search results are constantly disregarded as trolls. (seriously, we don’t see people complaining about how youtube for example is innapropriate for this reason, nor do we see any other social media; it simply would be stupid to think it’s the site’s fault someone types something like that into a search box)

Please. Try to do something about this. It’s been an issue for far too long now. Roblox has clearly been trying to improve over the past few years. This is one of the things that needs to go as soon as possible.


If Roblox is trying to media-proof the entire site, they might as well just shut it down. People are always going to find ways to make Roblox look bad, and limiting its functionality is not the way to resolve it.

There are ways to media-proof the site without limiting users of their ability.



would be great if somebody @ roblox would at least give a reason for this so we aren’t left in the dark as to why it hasn’t been fixed.

bumping again, considering the Username link no longer works. it is now impossible (to my knowledge) to find a user with a filtered name