Requests are Longer to Process than Usual

Before the automated member approval was introduced, I was able to get feedback on my requests to move posts almost instantly, however recently, the time it takes to get feedback has increased from around an estimated 5 Minutes to almost a Week. I don’t blame the people responsible for managing this process, but perhaps we could suggest a solution to this theoretical “Increased Volume of Requests”.

My solution would be a bot and stricter formats or there could be more people to help process our requests.

My point here is to lessen the stress of the @Community_Sage s and wait time for feedbacks so we could see less of this

and more of this


I don’t think a bot would be wise in approving posts by New Members for #platform-feedback or #learning-resources. This could result in some duplicates potentially slipping through. It’s better that they remain reviewed by actual people.
As for my requests. I haven’t noticed anything abnormal about the time.

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As far as I know, most requests don’t take this long. The last request I made took only a day for approval. If it’s taking this long, it’s probably more of an abnormality than a frequent occurance.

Abnormal in what way?

Note: It’s been occuring more frequently lately

As in, I meant that 3 days seemed abnormal for a waiting time.

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These are reviewed by volunteers (we don’t get paid for doing it) so response time depends on if we aren’t busy with something else in our lives. We’re not overloaded, it’s just not done 24/7.

It also depends on the category you are posting in. Documentation Requests typically are very straight-to-the-point and don’t need edits, for example. Bug reports are typically quicker to review than Feature Requests.

A few days more or less is not going to solve a bug quicker or get a feature implemented faster – engineering doesn’t work in the order of a day or even a few days. A response time on the post approval procedure of some days therefore doesn’t matter. (Approval time of 5 minutes is insanely quick and definitely not routine, you just happened to catch someone at a good time)


I appologise for not looking at the bigger picture, I was just concerned that there may be an increase of requests and hopefully suggest a feasible solution.