Reset button displays on Xbox/Controller Menu despite being disabled

Despite disabling the reset functionality, the reset prompt on the Xbox menu still is visible. When trying to reset, the game asks to reset the player, but cannot actually reset the player if you choose to proceed.

Video of Issue:


File: Disable_Reset_UIPresist_BugReport_ReproFile.rbxl (45.6 KB)

Steps: Open the Roblox ESC menu via keyboard and mouse, see the prompt is visibly disabled. Then, use a Xbox controller to open the Xbox Roblox menu, try to reset via the prompt shown.

From my testing, it is Consistent 100%.

Code to disable resetting functionality:

	local success = pcall(function() 
		game:GetService("StarterGui"):SetCore("ResetButtonCallback", false) 

until success

Can just be the following:

game:GetService("StarterGui"):SetCore("ResetButtonCallback", false) 

When did it start to happen?

I can’t give a specific date when it started happening, but I noticed it maybe a month or so ago. I’m only now reporting it.


Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


All platforms except for desktop do not respect the disabled status of the ResetButton. This is also an issue with mobile as seen here: Disabling reset button on mobile is impossible