Reset Likes/Dislikes after a fixed time period

The current ratio only accounts for the total likes/dislikes since the creation of the game. Later updates and changes aren’t accounted for.

I am suggesting there be a 3-month like/dislike reset for every game. It should be based off the game’s creation date and message the game’s creator a week before with when it’s going to happen. Allow players to vote for the game again (like or dislike) after the reset. Players will then be able to like or dislike the game again.

This would benefit developers as we can base our updates around these resets, and would give us time to fix our game and improve for the next reset. It would also allow us to better understand if people really do like or dislike the updates and changes we make, and encourage players to come back and check for update and changes. Furthermore, it would also allow us to recover from a bad update, or bad ratings and allow us to directly improve our game by using this information. Players would also be able to see up to date ratings on these games and give their honest opinion on the game in its current state, and to get an idea of how other people really feel about the game and better decide if it’s something they want to play/try.


This is a problem, but the solution is not to delete all ratings every fixed amount of time. That is a bad idea because each time it happens, there is not an adequate sample size of ratings for players to make any judgement on until the game gets voted on newly, a rolling average would be a better solution to avoid any time where there are no ratings and to not incentivise developers to “wait” until some arbitrary reset, but to fix things asap. The solution is to only advertise the most recent of ratings where it matters most, on the games page.