Roblox 2019 Events Update

Aren’t live-ops special events showcasing new features? That’s what it seems like to me, since they mention rewards and events.


Isn’t that something that like, all devs are already doing? Since that’s basically the only thing that keeps their games alive?


Information seems a bit sparse, pretty much just the Featured sort but only once per month.

I’d much rather Roblox ran events that reward unique hats per month, for unique games that fit the theme. Plus the sponsored games, it’d encourage more developers to participate and give players something to go after. Maybe hats themed around the new features, like lighting would be a spotlight on the player’s shoulder or something unique. Then developers could create a game around that feature and theme to really showcase it, and in-turn get rewarded.


I do appreciate ROBLOX wanting to do more developer driven events, but this seems slightly pointless as well as a bad idea.

Based on the link you sent us frequent updates to keep players engaged, is part of player retention so I don’t see why we need an event for it.

I do agree with Live-Ops driving new activity to your game. But at the same time even without the event by updating your game of course you will have increased monetization and boosted player time.

Also I don’t think being on the page for 24 hours is going to be that beneficial, as if a game is good and recently updated it should get to the top pages relatively fast.

This is a bad idea monthly events are super important to ROBLOX, and provide some variety, if Live-ops are permanent they lose their meaning and specialness. It would be like having an egg hunt all year round super boring and it would lose its importance.


This is great, but what features does Azure PlayFab have that GameAnalytics doesn’t? I don’t see how they are any different after signing in. Plus, GameAnalytics is set up for Roblox games and they have their own working SDK on the Roblox market. I hope to see more about Azure PlayFab and why to use this instead of its competitor.


If they are trying to encourage new updates and stuff, they should rework the Likes - Dislike system.

Read this if you're interested to what I have in mind for this.

Accurate Likes - Dislikes


Have you requested your post to be moved? I’d say it belongs in #platform-feedback:web-features


Gotta wait. :frowning:

Honestly I think it’s a feature that should 100% be implemented as Roblox is growing as a company and having the current system creates a lot of issues.

Edit: I mean I agree with the system I mentioned, I think having OP kinda kills the classic event and makes it not special.


Strongly disagree, I think they definitely should implement something like Live-ops but it should not be replacing monthly events.

Developer driven events are important but one constant event is ridiculous. As stated in my post above updating games is something developers should be doing anyway and the benefits will come by doing that.


Yeah I agree with this, I think there should be more opportunity for developers to work on/towards these events, and the classic rewards and games made those memories for us. The old roblox created games are gone, and there is no drive for developers nor any opportunity around the events.

They should publicly announce a new feature and try to at least feature 1-3 games that really focus on this and showcase it. Should only be for big releases, which seems to be every few months anyways. This should be 100% developer driven, and reward hats. Plus, it should be an early announcement to give time to prepare and games for roblox to go through and pick from the best.


I love how Roblox is getting more developer driven, this will be awesome to expand and drive from other developers. :heart:


Does this affect holiday events at all (Egg Hunt)?


Will this be replacing the current event system or will the current one still remain?


This should be a promising feature. I really hope to see it be a launch pad for newer games and developers and a support for more established games that need a boost. However I do hope this doesn’t just become another feature for just top games with already really established player base. As what happened with featured sort. There are a lot of smaller developers who work really hard to get there games off the ground. They really need more support and I would like to see this feature being one of those supports.


Sounds like it affects the current event system. @JustSeanC Whether that affects things such as Egg Hunt not sure. (Due to buildthomas’s post below it seems like seasonal events are currently unaffected)


EDIT: Topic was updated to mention it does affect seasonal events as well.


Just like your update to the games page sort, this is still going to push games we already see and help developers who already have a big player base. You guys have totally forgotten about us little developers who work hard to get our games off the ground.

I don’t care if you remove monthly events. They were happening too often and had mediocre prizes so I never even played them. But as a player, I’m not going to check out a game I’ve never played before because it had some “cool” update. I don’t care.


I’m very with you on this. I feel like the removal of regular events that reward players with items makes it that much harder for free-to-play players to experience Roblox. I’ve been wanting a feature to award my players with t-shirts since late 2008 (nostalgia blast for me). If we’re moving away from events where players can earn content, it’d be nice to let developers award content they already can sell. If I can sell developer products in my games but also give them away for free, why can I sell t-shirts in my game but not give them away for free?

I’m excited to see new ways to promote developers but Live-Ops is a philosophy and I don’t understand why it’s replacing monthly events as they are non-comparable.


Yeah exactly what I thought. It specifically mentions monthly events which would include things like the current Pizza Party event but excludes annual events such as Egg Hunt.

Will certainly be interesting to see how this unfolds as time passes.


I agree with you. I wouldn’t call this an event update, more like an event removal.

Event Definition: a thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance.

If this event is a constant thing, its practically making the featured page an event. No one is going to be excited to play these games, and most importantly the people who you want to benefit from this aren’t going to. The games which ROBLOX will see updated will be games which already have recognition.