Resize Character (Model) Problem


Video : 2022-08-02 15-27-44.mp4 - Google Drive

I created a character in Blender and I add the bones in Blender as well.
As you can see in the video, I can not resize the model to have a normal size for characters.

How can I fix this problem?

You cannot resize it because there happens to be a part which has reached it’s limit as to how small it can be.

Also this seems like a weird way to import a Mesh Character, why is it all separated into a lot of pieces? - This is your problem

Because a lot of scripters told me to separate my parts like a normal character to add attachments for tools and more.

Them try not to separate it into so many little pieces, this is the reason you can only scale UP and not DOWN a certain point, because a part of the Model has reached its minimum.

Yeah but how can I equip tools if I have not separate parts?

Perhaps this could help;

Uh no, it does not help me :(.

Well, in order to scale your Character further, I’d suggest using a Model Resize Plugin which allows going past the limit.

I did but the character is strange after.
The meshs are not normal like before.

Then I believe your only solution would be separating your Character into bigger chunks.

Bigger chunks? What do you mean?

Less, and bigger pieces of the body, it seems that your character is divided into tens of parts, which are too small to be scaled down any further.

The small part contains every bones, it’s RootPart.

You told me to use only in one object, I did it but how can I equip tools with attachements??? Helpers told me to do not parent it to the humanoid.