[Resolved] Issue with negate [Still a Roblox issue.]

How would I go about solving this issue it keeps leaving horrible lines behind once unioned?

I’ve been dragging parts off and placing them back on but it only fixed some of it.


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Just made the part a tad bit large than it needs to be in that direction.


Since he’s using wedges, resizing the part over the lines would mess up the shape of his union. From what I can tell, the lines seem to be really inconsistent and won’t appear sometimes.



Tired to copy the wedges then drag them down .1 studs into the part to see if that’d help. Nope…

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It does sometimes help to union the wedges first then negate them. Iv’e tried it a couple of times but I wasn’t able to get rid of all the lines.

I have had this happen to me as well, no known solution though, sorry.

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Dang it Roblox, you guys need to fix this… >:/

Moved from Building Support to Studio Bugs.

Or not? Can’t seem to set it to studio bug tab…

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Try using rotated rectangular blocks.
The Shape you are trying to make should still be possible, perhaps its wedges that make terrible negations.

not a fix, but might get your job done.

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Was able to get it after wasting lots of time.

I had to do it in sections very slow and move the bottom part up after I got one section done.

Took long than it should’ve.

Might be better off moving into making it a mesh and not using unions at all.

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