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Team Create Bugs. Post 'em Here! ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) (132)

Today at RDC Q&A session I got a question about connection issues with Team Create. As we’re closely monitoring Team Create performance and see no serious problems there, apparently, we’re missing scenarios where Studio …

CSG Failures ( 2 3 4 5 ) (83)

Hey everyone! Instead of creating a new topic every time someone finds a way to break CSG (This is not a small number of things, sadly), just post them here and they'll get looked at. Please make sure that you attach a m…

About the Studio Bugs category (1)
Export to OBJ partially fails for MeshPart and UnionOperation (2)
Regression: "Find In All Scripts" widget extremely long and blurry text (2)
Script editor indents in the line at the incorrect location (5)
Many assets are not loading (11)
Assets failing to load entirely (15)
HoverImage and PressedImage does not work for BillboardGUIs (4)
Lua Toolbox inserts skies into Workspace rather than Lighting (1)
Changing ColorSequence Crashes Studio (19)
Drag-to-select selecting attachments inside parts in ServerStorage (3)
"My Models" tab for toolbox only displays models I made? ( 2 ) (27)
Plugin buttons on Quick Access Toolbar stay disabled (1)
Broken Widget Placement (6)
CustomPhysicalProperties not affecting part (7)
Studio Toolbox Using Paste on V key (5)
Play solo button is disabled when you have a script open when debugger is disabled (15)
Plugin widget GUI dispaying outside of screen (6)
Mathematical shorthand operators have been broken in some numerical input boxes (6)
Messed up increments when dragging regular parts on union parts? (1)
Decals not being moderated when using mass import (5)
Inserting Anything Other Than a MeshId into a MeshId Property Crashes Studio (1)
Exporting parts to an obj file that are fully transparent will not export (opaque) decals applied to it (1)
Changing Tool.TextureId can take up to 10 seconds (4)
Can't save, not enough memory [incl. error] (3)
Studio freezes when trying to view Sound's Preview property (17)
Game Explorer Image Asset IDs Broken (4)
Inverse Kinematics crashes roblox studio frequently (1)
Importing meshes is unreliable (2)