Respect Studio Shortcuts is Broken

Since the inclusion of the new drag detectors in studio has broken my studio setting “Respect Studio Shortcuts” and I can no longer interact with my game in play solo without my studio tooling being enabled. This bug occurs after the second press of a key. For example:

  • Load studio play solo with a tool in your backpack
  • Press “1” to equip the tool
  • Press “1” again to unequip your tool, but if you have this key binded to something like the studio grabber, you will enable the grabber.
  • You are now unable to unequip your tool

This issue happens constantly since the latest studio update.

Works fine with me, I just tried it right now.

We don’t seem to be able to repro this issue.
If we:
[1] set the ‘1’ key as a shortcut to add a wedge
[2] set ‘Respect Studio Shortcuts when game has focus’ to true
[3] launch the game
[4] RESULT: pressing ‘1’ never arms or disarms the tool. it only adds a wedge. This seems to be the case regardless of whether the DragDetector beta is enabled.

If this is not the case for you can you maybe provide really specific details about what’s different? Are you using a different setting than ours in step [2[?

Thanks for the reply.

The steps listed are correct, but I did not change any settings and the studio setting does not work at all. I will clarify I do not want to select/grab/or have studio focus within the play solo session. This happens regardless of the setting state.

So it is when you turn OFF the setting to “Respect Studio Shortcuts” that you find you cannot let go of the tool by pressing 1? Is that correct? I am seeing this behavior as well.

When is the last time you remember this working correctly?

I ask because I’m disabling all the things related to DragDetectors and not seeing a difference.

Do you have hotkeys bound to the 1-4 keys? E.g. changed the Select/Move/etc tools to be bound to them rather than Ctrl+1/…

I do have the hotkeys set up like this, since I don’t build I rarely work with most tooling within studio other than the scripting provisions.

@PrinceTybalt that is correct. The last time this was working correctly was earlier in the week. This issue propped up a few weeks ago but was quickly resolved, so I thought to bring attention to it now with the current issue.

Hi Mullets,
We’ve asked around and while the timing is suspicious, we’ve determined that the issue is not related to DragDetectors.
I’m working on getting you a response that may be more helpful.

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I appreciate all the support and glad to hear this isn’t related to the new DragDetectors. Looking forward to seeing a fix in a later update (praying for next week :crossed_fingers: )

Okay. It’s an unrelated bug. The right people are on it. We know, and we care, but I can’t give you a time frame on the fix.