Restored a 15 Year Old Showcase

Hello Folks!

Feeling a bit nostilgic, I felt like bringing back a old showcase or experience back to life, graphics-wise.

Sunset Plains

So I dug into the old roblox games and found one made 15 years ago by a person named Schwaabo, last online 14 years ago. All credit goes to him for making the game 15 years ago, but I decided to show some of the before and after pictures of restoring the old showcase.



And here is a few others

Took around an hour and a half, tried to keep the original color-theme and etc. Hearts Appreciated :slight_smile:
Note: I would make this public but I only did it so to restore an original showcase back in 2006.


Nostalgia hits me right in the face. You did a good job, good luck. :wink:


Now make a hyper realistic version with very realistic terrain, buildings, and trees.

Show us how Roblox has changed over the past 15 years. :wink:


I was thinking of that, thanks for the idea, I will keep that in mind.

Creates skyrim

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I can’t really tell a difference, other than the lighting. A little explanation would be appreciated.


what is this map supposed to be? @Luna_Adair

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its good but it pretty much just looks like you added bloom & light to it.


“Remastered Meaning: Typically in order to improve quality.” I improved the quality of the 15 year old showcase, I did not alter the buildings or add content in any way.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

The map was a 2006 Roblox Showcase called Sunset Plains, basically it was a showcase hangout for robloxians around that period, and in 2021, just recently I remastered it and showed it to the community.

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This is not a remaster. A correct remaster would be a complete re-do of the whole place instead of just the lighting. Realistic lighting with low-part cartoony envrionment does not fit.


Oh then my apologizes I’m guessing. What do I call this then?

That’s really cool, I do suggest you should consider adding wedges to the mountains or roofs though to still look retro and nostalgic but also modern too.


Agreed 100%, However you have to admit it still looks decent.

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Looks very well done, pretty clean. Good job.


To be honest, it doesn’t look any different besides the shading and textures.

It’s like if you copied and pasted it (Correct me if I’m wrong), changing the materials, and added some shading.

It’s not the best, but I can see it’s supposed to be a recreation of something old.

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I tried preserving the models so it would still be the same. Should I change them the next time I do this again?

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You should try to at least add some effort with the buildings.

Try to keep some nostalgia, but also improve it.

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Thank you kind sir, I love that you did not call me out with any personal attack (I get those often), thanks. And yes I will add some effort into the building next time, but for now this is what I have :slight_smile:

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Looks cool! Took me a bit to recognize it. HERE where the world is quiet or… sunset plains?

Would be cooler with more meshes, more mesh terrain. Isn’t a huge difference.

Can you tell me what you changed?