Resume posting of new release notes in the Release Notes category

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to keep up to date with new releases each week.

Up until around a month ago (as of Nov 1st) Roblox staff would post a link to the latest Release Notes in the release notes category. The last time this occurred was with Release 545. We are now on Release 550 and there have been no posts for this release nor the 4 prior releases.

As someone eager to make use of (and experiment with) the latest and greatest that comes from Roblox staff, I have alerts set up to notify me when new posts are made in the Announcements group. An alert when the release notes dropped allowed me to quickly scan through it on my phone or PC and make note of it for later. With these release notes no longer being posted, I have to remember to go check the Create website myself weekly at a random time.

Alongside this, the component of people being able to discuss (or quickly post issues about) new releases is effectively gone. You’d have to make a thread in another category to discuss them.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience as a developer and as a forum user because not only would it be far easier to keep up to date (as things have been for quite some time now), but it’d also give us the opportunity to hold discussion on new release notes as they’re posted in a contained and simple manner.


If #updates:release-notes were to resume I’d like to see members being able to reply too, in-case you weren’t aware, members had to create new topics for any release notes they wish to respond to since TL1 members do not have permission to reply in the category.


Looks like they went back to posting those


Thanks for your feedback, we brought it up internally and have sped up resuming posting of the release notes. The gap was that we recently changed the behind-the-scenes process of generating these release notes and the devforum side fell short for a while as we figured out how to coordinate that going forward. We’ll try to do better here in the future to avoid temporary gaps like this.

Based on your feedback someone will manually post the link on the devforum on each release in the category so we can facilitate discussion. Thanks again for posting!


Hey @Abcreator this is a good suggestion and I’m all for accessibility. Could you file a separate feature request? I’ll follow up on that internally separately and others can also weigh in their thoughts that way.


Thanks for the insight and response! Glad to hear that this was not intentional and merely a side-effect of changes happening

This seems unrelated to the current issue here or to the DevForum. Could you file a topic in a relevant #feature-requests category or ask someone with permissions to file it for you?


Members were able to reply for almost a week, then they took that away again around october last year, and never updated it. I don’t know why they got rid of it.

Worth noting that this has been since changed

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