Retaining High Fidelity Images

It’s really not. Like, the average roblox developer has no business using textures that high resolution. They’re already abusing 1k by using different textures for every model, using too high resolution for small parts, and never using texture atlases.

Due to the nature of the platform, there does need to be a degree of handholding from Roblox’ side, which is unfortunate for all of those who would use the tools properly. Personally I could get huge performance benefits if there was a higher resolution surface appearance to be used with atlases, but it is what is.


fr, imo you can get away with 2k which is already 4 1k textures, 8k just seems like they want to go overboard, i hope they make the client 64 bit beforehand as i doubt 4gb of ram will survive

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They already said they have no plans to support this for textures anytime soon and that it’s only for the creator store. Images are just retained in their original resolution so you don’t have to reupload something later if things change. So theres no worries.

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I think so, since you have add it in studio to see it in-game

High resolution images aren’t supported in game yet. The max texture size displayed in game is still 1024 * 1024.

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I love this update. However, I’m seeing an increasing need for a “Are you sure about that?” dialog that pops up when you upload a 4k/8k texture.

When working on a larger team, it’s a lot easier to let textures much larger than they need to be slip through the cracks. Particles are the biggest offender here—Usually it’s a solid white + transparent image that’s no bigger than a stud when it appears in-game, but I’ve seen a lot of VFX artists upload HD textures for particles that later have to be audited.

It would be nice to have at least some kind of flag in this process when uploading anything above 512x512, and a simple 1-click option to downscale when flagged. Bonus points if this dialog showed the actual memory usage for that texture, so that people can understand the quadratic increase in memory usage when uploading hi-res textures.


nearest neighbor anti-aliasing setting when


@MauiThePom with this update, it may be prudent to alter this now incorrect notice on the decal upload screen to accurately reflect how Roblox will handle high-res images now:


Nah please just give them to us. I have skyboxes and things that would really benefit to this, I don’t want some half-measured “only creator store” thing, and I’d appreciate it if you were a lot more specific and a lot less vague on your wording.

Can we, or can we not, and will we, or will we not be able to, upload and use higher fidelity images for in-game development, like textures?

I honestly am not sure what a “Creator Store” texture is and the wording of this does not register with me at all as a developer. Can someone please explain?


“old roblox” translator: they mean the catalog. So pretty much hats, accessories, and layered clothing i think. Probably not normal clothing be because that’d break a good portion of like… the entire site

Any idea of when this will be added for images by all users?

While you’re at it, can you increase texture sizes for R6 when you have multiple accessories equipped? Using my avatar as an example, I have 2 accessories equipped, and as you can see, my hats texture quality gets dramatically lowered in R6 but R15 looks fine.



It’s strange that the compression is this aggressive for R6 even today but not for R15.


why dont they just downscale for lower-end devices? I hate it when roblox tries to account for the 10 year old laptops that could potentially be playing their game, just give us what we need and we can figure out the optimizations ourself :sob:


Finally it’s not hard to make quality games.

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We really do need this, I completely agree.

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I want pixelated textures; I shouldn’t have to make my low-quality image high-quality to make it look low-quality


I wonder why its taking so long for them to add that. I’m no ROBLOX engineer but surely it can’t be something that takes 18 years to add., right?


I desperately need this to be available on decals for the mini-map in my new game. Please!

The consensus appears to be in; people want to be able to use these 8k images everywhere! I think realistically any device running roblox should be able to handle at least 4k textures at this point.

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This update sounds nice, but i dont think my PC be ok with that maximum image size. (i am cooked with 95°C)

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