Retro Experience Feedback

I’m working on a retro game project. It’s inspired by doomspire brick battle. It will be a team match game with two teams or more depending on the game mode, they will fight until one team wins. Below is a screen shot of my upcoming game. If you have any suggestions, questions, ideas, or feedback please feel free to reply below.


I’m really excited for this! Do you have an estimated released date, and will there be Controller Support?

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I really love the map design. It totally captures that retro look!


The game will soon be released around January.

I don’t know much about Controller Support but I’ll learn about it, it sounds interesting!


it seems like it just drops off, maybe have it so that the map “continues” but the players cant go further or possible have it as an island/cliffs on all edges, just something that makes it seem less like the world beyond stops existing

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i’m loving your designs. this absolutely looks like a map that gives me the retro/oldstyle vibe. keep up the amazing work. i’d love to play the game upon release.

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This looks very nice. Landscape should be filled up a bit though as things seem a bit empty.

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