Return My Icons!

Since the new updates, I noticed the icons got changed from their old counterparts to a newer design and while they aren’t bad, unfortunately I cannot properly discern the icons apart and it makes development 90% harder.

I have gone ahead and grabbed the original icons and have made them a icon pack for

Do note I am not a icon designer/artist I am just someone who wanted my old icons back and I decided to share it with the rest because some users may not like them or have similar issues to me.

ALTERNATIVELY: If you want different icons but don’t want the old vanilla ones, you can try this one as its pretty good as well!


You are a blessing, The new ones make it so hard for me to tell what is what.


You’re an absolute legend.

Thank you :heart:

The mod manager gets rid of my fix for roblox being blurry due to having no dpi scaling support, i cant use this sadly for getting the old icons.

Is there any other way i can get the old icons back while having roblox studio high resolution?

You could try a manual like method as seen here, but it will most likely not update automatically, you’d have to do it each time yourself.

Unless I misunderstood, this shouldn’t prevent you from using the icons. If you’re using RMM then you can edit the mod folder.