Revamp or delete Collaboration

Agree with you, there is not a fully way to tell if someones scamming nor not.

Despite the drama, this is a huge part of the Developer Forum.

A lot of people go here to hire.

I do not find it worth it to remove an entire part of the forum just for some small drama.

Moderators can moderate or implement new rules, deleting the entire section is not the way to go.

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#collaboration:portofolios are doing fine.
But #collaboration:recuitment isn’t. There are people complaining about prices based on percentage, or the OP is underpaying developers with high effort. Some are just kids using tutorials and scamming others. It needs a revamp.
Other than that, it’s fine.

Sometimes there are callouts in there.

But the drama got worst.

Someone directly swore at someone for getting called out.

This is the reason that we have forum moderation, they delete flagged posts. There is no reason for collaboration to be revamped because there’s nothing to revamp. If you see something that violates the rules, flag it. It’s in the basic user tutorial.

And you expect us to just “flag” when the #collaboration category is notoriously known for its toxicity? There needs to be change in that category. Starting with locking topics there immediately. Then users that are interested can DM the OP.

Either way apparently Roblox is going to add an alternative which looks 99999x better.


I do actually expect you to just “flag” it. I don’t see the problem with doing so as flagged posts get noticed in under 1 hour.

oh really

just yesterday i flagged a topic, it’s been flagged for over 18 hours

The category absolutely needs change, this toxicity happens much more frequently than flags, random people getting involved for no reason, and all the ad hominem attacks need to stop.


at rdc 2020 they announced a new platform for collaboration (portfolios and recruitment) as far as i know, so the revamp will be happening


In my opinion, scripters aren’t getting the recognition/acknowledgement by other kinds of developers. They usually pay low in percentages and etc. Then we have modelers/builders who charge the devx equivalent of my nike Air Force 1 per model without exceptions(low poly rock).

The collaboration section is messed up because scammers and dumb ppl r involved without counting the prices, I’ve tried hiring ppl in the past and they say that this link is an IP Logger(just bc I sent a link to a model for a commission).

Then we have clowns who call me scammer because I refuse to pay extra for him to fix the model and refused to buy what it is when we agreed on a specific price.

This place needs to become better, so I hope it gets any better otherwise it should be deleted to cause further problems.

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I can definitely relate. One time I dealt with a client who didn’t have his payment together.

I’m sick and tired of clients lying to me and wasting my time, then try to cheapskate me in the end, pouring their personal life on me, only to juice out my empathy.

Like you said, they have no experience.

It’s ridiculous.

It’s best we keep trying, you know? Keep trying to find the right ones.

Happy developing! :smiley:

There’s also another secret roblox forum. You have to do an application to get in though. I kind of forgot the website name you search on google though


I don’t think deleting the Collaboration category isn’t a good idea. From my knowledge and others as well, it is really useful for some developers, but there are obviously some drawbacks as you stated. In addition to that, it is really hard to find other developers to collaborate with, what more if the Collaboration category would be deleted? A revamp would definitely be a great idea other than completely deleting it.

If collaboration is deleted they have to use discord servers to get people.

If it was revamped it will be fine.

If the clients are lying to you why not block them on discord.

And make it mandatory to show your portfolio or what you have open sourced.

Why would we delete our only way of hiring/ being hired? Yes, there are other websites where you can hire people. but the Collaboration area let’s us do it here, quick and easy. Revamping would be good, but I think it’s good how it is.

Exactly! If someone easily scams, people who did the business on the devforum will easily get justice. We will have the scammer’s roblox, and screenshots with evidence. Then we’ll have a place to send it to when needed. The recruit category is kind of flawed, but that’s okay. As a community we can make it better.

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But if you got scammed you can contact DET (DevEngagementTeam) with proof.

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Exactly what I meant. I didn’t have the exact name for it… Thanks for telling me!

Moderators are not like sonic speed fast when it comes to flagging, first they have to review what is going on, and if they agree with you they will take down the post or reply.