Revamped Rainbow Carpet [R15 & R6]

Recently I’ve been working on a game with some tool givers and I was adding a rainbow carpet to it and noticed quite a few issues with it. I’ve fixed all of these with this version!

This person made a remastered version of the whole carpet if you’re into that, but for simplicity I just made this in hopes to look exactly like the original with some smoothness fixes. It’s down to your preference.


  • Fixed the drifting issue where the carpet moves down when you’re idling
  • Fixed the sitting animation (you will need to create an animation but it’s quick and I will provide the steps below)
  • Fixed latency with the stream the rainbow carpet creates
  • Mobile support

So what I discovered when I started fixing the animation is that the current R15 sitting animation is published by stickmasterluke and not the Roblox account so this is why it doesn’t load the animation.

There is a simple fix for this, however.
Note: If your game uses R6 you can skip steps 2-4

  1. Get the new carpet model and put it in studio.
  2. Download the RBXM file below and drag it into studio
    R15-Sit.rbxm (1.1 KB)
  3. Right click it and save it to Roblox
    (If you’re working on a group game, publish it under the group. Otherwise, publish it to yourself)
  4. Open the carpet tool, go to “SitR15” and put the animation ID you got from publishing the model in

Bam! You’re all done and the tool should be set up!

If you experience any issues or have any questions please PM me and I’ll be glad to help you!