Reverting to older place version then back to latest doesn't work

When I reverted my place version to copy an object I accidentally deleted, I couldn’t revert it back until after I had published the reverted version.

I had deleted a piece of my workspace without knowing and had continued to do work only to discover later that one object I had “moved” somehow got deleted. Which is when I decided to revert place version to copy that one item and then revert it back.

I published the place and went onto the website and reverted to a version published before that (version 276) (current before reverting was 277.) Once I had copied the object I closed studio and clicked on revert for version 277 only to discover that it wouldn’t let me revert. The UI would just refresh as normal without changing anything.

Work around:

I then decided to get a bit more creative to see if I could out smart this “bug” so I went back in studio and published what I had reverted to then went back and it let me revert to version 277.

As far as I’m aware this bug occurs every time.

I don’t think it’s an intended future as nothing about this is stated in the Roblox help article for reverting place version.


Reverting to a unpublished place version and then trying to revert to the most recently published place version doesn’t work.


I also experienced this bug.

Image for reference:


  1. Publish place (this created version 57 in my example)
  2. Revert place to an older version (this created version 58 in my example)
  3. Attempt to revert to the most recently published version (version 57 in my example)
  4. Open game in roblox studio
  5. Game will not be in the correct version

Summary of what I think is going on:

  • Attempts to revert to the last published version of a place do not do anything.

  • Expected behaviour: reverting to the last published version of a place should be successful, because the last published version of a place might not be the same as the last saved version.

  • The current workaround is to publish something else, then attempt to revert, as OP said. After you do this, it works. I did not realise this workaround, and thought I had lost a lot of work. I might have just done the work again if I did not find this thread.

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If you have Team Create enabled, you need to disable it, close studio, revert the game, and then open studio back. From here you can enable Team Create again.

The reason for this is the auto-save made by Team Create (from closing studio), overrides the revert.


This issue has occured with a non team create enabled game.

Correct, I wasn’t using team create either.

Experiencing this issue also, team create isn’t enabled either, and it’s a group game.

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Can confirm it is an issue, it’s happening with my places too even without TC on

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This is most definitely a bug that NEEDS to be addressed as soon as possible. I’m currently having the same issue and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get that workaround to work either.


This bug is still happening and is having a significant impact on my development work. The workaround does indeed work, however I had only just discovered this thead and so had lost a major amount of time where I could have been making stuff.

Well it works for me it just takes a while i would revert to a version then wait 30min stay out of studio tho!

Thanks @helperobc for the report & a very big thanks for the workaround. Thought I had lost a lot of work.
Unlike the others I was using team create, in a group game. This needs to be fixed.

This worked for me Thanks a lot

Worked for me as well. Thank you.