Review Your Generative AI Data Sharing Preferences

this response misrepresents the original concern. automating a time-consuming, low-skill technical task is not the same as using generative AI tools in a way that replaces human talent and creativity.

in the original post:

the user you are replying to gave a bit of an extreme interpretation but their concern is not entirely unwarranted. it is plainly evident that significant work is being done on gen AI tools that can perform tasks traditionally done by artists and modelers.

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This is disgusting im removing all my free assets from your platform

AI should be forcefully regulated

I hate seeing “AI artists” on social media platforms. They think they achieved something by typing in a few words to create a mess of an image.

What’s the point of it?? You don’t feel a sense of accomplishment, its not like you dedicated your time to perfect a beautiful peace of art…

You just type in a few words and an AI will come up with a messy and horrifying mess (specifically, in AI art, where form is completely non existent and shading just doesn’t make sense at all.)

I feel like AI generated stuff is OK, but just don’t act like you did something… all you did was type some words to create some soulless thing


Just disable everything by default. None of the prior ai systems we’ve got before were any good nor will they ever be good. The AI Assistant can’t really answer anything other than insanely simple questions 75% of the time, the AI texture generator can’t really do anything past clean concrete and the code assistant acts like it knows what it’s doing when in reality it really dosent know. I don’t really care about any magical “4D” ai or whatever else.

Make the site better. Make the engine better. There’s plenty of things to focus on other than AI. All of this AI crap seems like a big waste of time and money just to try and seem like one of the “cool big kidz” in Silicon Valley. I really don’t trust any of the talking points for moderation especially with the current history roblox has with moderation (said history that is still being written to this day).


I don’t think I wanna share my stuff with an AI that can’t properly moderate the catalog. I can’t believe after sending 6-7 DMCA strikes over one of my items being stolen, the moderation couldn’t do anything. I’m waiting to see the moderation improve before thinking if AI should be fed with my stuff. Additionally, I think allowing people to earn 70% off their funds instead of 30% on UGC accessories, would be a good step, and I would be happy to allow AI data sharing if that’s gonna be the case.

Please fix moderation first, before asking creators to do all this. I will not be sharing my data if my stuff isn’t propertly protected from thieves.

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I mean technically it is but you never know with companies like roblox

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I started off really hopeful for Roblox’s generative AI, but I’m now getting concerned with how much resources Roblox seems to be putting into it rather than actually improving the platform.

The only AI that’s actually helping non-UGC Creators is the material generator. The code assistant is wrong most of the time and the texture generator spits out grainy textures. Not sure about the package AI, but personally I don’t know a single developer that uses it, but I may be wrong on the popularity of that.

Instead of funding these extremely mediocre Ai features, can the funding be put into actually bettering the engine? The roadmap is like 15% completed yet we’re over halfway through the year - not to mention the features on there that were from previous years.


The hate is because free models will be used for the AI and you can’t do anything about it.

Not really

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Finally a useful feature, now my poisonous programming style won’t infect the AI and ruin the whole AI system roblox has going on!

Respectfully, I don’t think anyone’s concern is Roblox making their own content.

What we’re upset by is the fact that creators are going to have their closed-source content (e.g. every game they publish) fed into a machine that can spit their code back out into somebody else’s game without attribution, and this will be enabled by default, which will inevitably result in creators accidentally or unknowingly sending away their code to a black box that can and will regurgitate their hard work into someone else’s game without their knowledge or consent.

It’s one thing to take code from uncopylocked places and free models, as their creators made a conscious decision to let the entire platform take a look under the hood and learn from their work. But it is not reasonable to assume that enough creators are okay with their private, copylocked work being fed into an AI for this to be the default setting.

This also raises a lot of concerns that I haven’t seen addressed in this thread. What happens if you opt out and disable the checkbox, but then someone steals your work and publishes it with the checkbox enabled? The result would be that your work has just been fed into the black box, and there’s nothing you or anyone can do to get it out. This isn’t a far-fetched scenario.

The reason why this change makes so many of us uncomfortable is it gives us the feeling that we no longer have any control over our IP or any ownership over our creations.

Most of the concerns expressed in this thread could be resolved by making this opt-in, not opt-out.


Oh that’s nice, real nice, a default setting.

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I don’t know your moral code (get it?) but I don’t think there is anything to worry about it, they aren’t going to a make a sentient death AI that will take over the world slowly but surely eviscerating our known universe by each atom one by one, based on Roblox… right? :uhh:

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Instead of features that would make the platform better for all users (such as accessory adjustment on UGC for users), Roblox corporate resources are being poured into replacing the creators (who they already tax incredibly heavily for UGC with fees and cuts) who have put their heart, soul and lives into being able to create and provide for their platform. Businesses and small creators alike have and continue to put immense resources into the platform for all to use. Having this on by default is not the right call.

Will you choose to penalize those of us who turn it off by default in search algorithms? What benefit do we see for choosing to bolster your AI data sets?

There is nothing good about this for the creators who made your platform what it is. Your platform will change over to only people who use this AI and don’t pay for anything – then where will Roblox be? :frowning:


One final comment on this subject:

I know Roblox is doing this because they want to help us create.

But “helping” us in a way that we don’t want, didn’t ask for, and raised serious concerns over is not the way to go about it.

If we feel like we’re not being listened to, this change isn’t going to feel like something that was released with creators in mind. Please take the concerns developers raised in this thread into consideration. We are the people who’ll ostensibly benefit from it, after all. If a tool designed for creators generates more worry and outrage than excitement and applause from the creator community, it’s time to reconsider if this is the right way to implement it, or if it should even be a priority.


I second this. I feel as though this effectively summarizes the problem with this.


No option for the LuaU section?

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It’s funny how people still think Roblox cares about its users or the quality of the platform, Roblox is a public company. They care about profit, and investors/shareholders want AI because its all the hype rn.


It’s default OFF (not sharing your data) for the Luau Public tab. We won’t put your Luau data to public dataset unless you check the boxes individually.


I’ve been holding off on openly criticizing Roblox and sharing my opinion, preferring to act in good faith that things will get better. But the time has come. This post is going to express a general sentiment that I’m sure many share, and may venture outside of the content of this post. I think it’s necessary however to zoom out and get a better picture of where this fits. So bare with me.

From my vantage, Roblox’s misses have been compounding, and few who’ve been around long enough are excited or optimistic about the future of the platform.

The platform is turning more and more into a hellscape for creators with each announcement, all while assuring us they have what’s best for creators in mind. A prime recent example is the UGC marketplace, which with each update came the same messaging: We have the best interests of creators in mind and can assure you we’re listening to your concerns. Look at the state of it now, and compare it to what we were told.

If you can’t moderate the content already on your platform effectively, adding a stream of AI-generated content to the mix will only serve to decrease the already decreasing quality of the platform even more. It’s unrealistic to ask anyone to have a shred of hope of a good outcome from this. The last thing we want is for the platform to get even worse, an AI-generated hellscape, farmed off users’ hard work and passion. Quite frankly, enough of this B.S.

At this point we need a comprehensive definition of what you think is good for creators because I think we have a very different idea as to what that means. From my experience, the good creators on this platform are suffering more as time goes on and are looking to leave. For me personally, a user since 2008, this is the last straw. Glad you think your metrics look good though, I guess.

I know this is likely to fall on deaf ears since it’s AI-related, but I don’t want to leave this platform on an entirely sour note, so here’s my recommendation: if you want to make creation more accessible, focus on the basics. Improve the developing experience by working on Studio and the website, adding features people have actually been asking for, double down on fixing long-standing issues, and improve the quality and visibility of the educational resources that are available, from beginner to advanced. Get people excited to create and to learn to code by presenting them with a good quality platform that supports their creations, and promote the high quality games that will both get them excited to create, and optimistic about potential success if they follow their dreams. Right now, unfortunately you’re following the opposite path. Best of luck figuring all this out.


Make it OFF by default. I can promise you that most people would have NEVER found the check box to turn it off had it not been linked in this post. There are 3 check boxes in 3 different tabs, and you have to scroll to the very bottom to find each one. Horrible design.

I’d bet that a fair amount of devs, me included, don’t check the announcements section daily or very often at all. It’s more of a once in a while thing. These kind of things should be OPT IN, so that people who are unaware of these changes don’t unknowingly submit their works to some garbage AI.