"Rex Porkus" Game Quest Mini Challenge #3 Submission

Hello! @PondazYeah, @0bid0, and I have created this boss fight for the 3rd Mini Challenge of the Game Quest.

You can play the game here: Rex Porkus - Roblox

Please leave feedback below!


Nice game overall!

Here is a bit of feedback I’ll give you.

What I liked about the game
  • The arena looked pretty good.
  • There was some different abilities to choose from which made the gameplay more immersed.
  • The boss design was very detailed, good job!
  • Nice cutscenes!
What should be improved
  • The attack animation lacks a lot of creativity, its just a simple small slicing.
  • The boss bar UI looks fine, however some of the icons for the different abilities should have some more details.
  • The animations for the boss could be a bit more detailed.
What should be added or removed
  • Add some more unique attacks to the boss itself to make it more realistic and less repeating.

Overall, great game. It could use a bit more polishing, but other than that pretty good submission!



As for the animations, none of us are that experienced with them (haha)

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Yoooo a boss fight? SIGN ME UP

I really liked the abilities (As Daily mentioned) that brought a nice change of pace to the combat! Although the animations are a bit wonky :sweat_smile: I would also like to add that you could implement warnings a bit better (Example being the beam attack), it’d bring a nice change of pace

Overall though, great job! Plot twist this is actually the Final Boss for Piggy

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Very nice boss fight! I like the cutscene and arena. The boss design was very good as well!

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