RHS Announcement

I’m super excited to announce that we are officially beginning development on ROBLOX HIGH SCHOOL 2!

The current Roblox High School was officially released on June 26, 2014, and ever since that day, it has blown up to become more successful than any of us could have ever imagined - it’s mind blowing to see that the game has been played over 450 million times now, that it’s continuing to receive millions of visits every week, and that the game has its own real-life Roblox toy now! I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support that you’ve shown, and it makes me happy to see so many people enjoying this game.

Since the current game is over 3 years old now, it’s become hard to keep up with the demand for new updates - the game’s internal code is very messy, so it’s difficult to keep building new stuff on top of that. It’s about time for a fresh start - time for Roblox High School 2!

I will be re-scripting the entire game from scratch - tens of thousands of lines of code for items, features, interfaces, and more will be completely rewritten to be clean, fast, and efficient. It’s going to be a huge undertaking, but at the end of it all, I’ll have a stable foundation that will make it a lot easier for me to create new updates in the future! Plus, the entire game will work flawlessly on all devices - PC, tablet, mobile, and console.

Of course, we’ll also be making a brand new map, with old friends returning and brand new locations coming to the game. Umbra, Dexter, and Archaeic are incredible builders, and they’re going to put a lot of work into making a beautiful map for the game!

On top of all that, I will be creating brand new, highly demanded features that people have been requesting for years. These are things that I couldn’t add to the original game due to how difficult it would be, but with this fresh start, there will be tons of new possibilities for what we can add to this game!
I already have a list of big features to get done… which features are they? You’ll have to wait and see! They will be revealed as they get created in the coming months, so stay tuned.

Just for clarification, Roblox High School 2 will be created as a brand new, completely separate game - the current Roblox High School isn’t being replaced, it will continue to exist in the future. Though I’m sure you have no hesitation playing the new game after seeing all of the massive improvements over the original :)

The game has just started development, so we still have a ton of work to do - but I’m going to be dedicating all of my time to working on RHS2 this summer! I want the game to be the best it can possibly be, and I’m looking forward to releasing a beta version later in 2018.

If you want to follow our future progress on RHS2, follow me on Twitter @Cindering_:
Once we get further into development, I’m hoping to post some sneak peeks of what’s coming to the new game :)

You can also follow the other members of Cinder Studio here:


Q: Will my gamepasses work in RHS2?
A: Yes. Since gamepasses are purchased on the Roblox website and go into your Roblox account’s inventory, all of your gamepasses will work in RHS2 without any issue.

Q: Will my other data from RHS1 (items, currency, etc.) carry over to the new game?

LONG ANSWER: (Read the entire answer please, not just part of it!) This is a more complicated answer. So normally, Roblox does not give us any way of directly transferring your data to a different game. When you buy in-game currency or in-game items from any Roblox game, that’s different than buying a gamepass. It does not go into your Roblox account inventory - the in-game stuff gets saved to an online file that’s only accessible within that game. No other game is able to access that save file.

However, there is (sort of) a work-around for this issue: Badges. When you earn a badge, it goes to your Roblox account itself, so any game can check to see whether your account has a certain badge. Badges don’t allow for a 100% direct transfer of data, but they can be used to track whether you’ve reached a certain milestone and then reward you accordingly!

Thanks to that work-around, I will be able to track whether you’ve hit certain milestones in the following stats, award you a badge, and then those badges will be used to award you the appropriate amount of currency in RHS2:

  • Time Played
  • Total RHS Cash value of everything you own (Meaning, how much RHS Cash all of your items are worth - including how much RHS Cash you have)
  • Total Loyalty Points value of everything you own (Meaning, how many Loyalty Points all your Loyalty Rewards items are worth - including how many Loyalty Points you have)

These are the milestones that can be transferred to RHS2. So for example, if you reach a milestone of $1,000 RHS Cash value, you’ll receive 1,000 Credits in the new game. $2,500 RHS Cash, you’ll get 2,500 Credits, etc…

Once RHS2 comes out, you can then use your newly-awarded currency to instantly buy back your favorite items in the new game!

(Click here to see all of the milestones that will be set up)

Playtime: Achieve this amount of total playtime in the game!
5 Hours
1 Day
3 Days
7 Days
10 Days
15 Days
20 Days
30 Days
40 Days
50 Days
60 Days
70 Days
80 Days
90 Days
100 Days

Loyalty: Own _______ Loyalty Points worth of stuff! This total includes your current amount of Loyalty Points as well as the value of all the Loyalty Rewards gear that you own.
25,000 Loyalty Points
50,000 Loyalty Points
75,000 Loyalty Points
100,000 Loyalty Points
125,000 Loyalty Points
150,000 Loyalty Points
175,000 Loyalty Points
200,000 Loyalty Points
250,000 Loyalty Points
300,000 Loyalty Points

Item Value: Own ______ RHS Cash worth of stuff! This total includes your current amount of RHS Cash as well as the value of all items that you currently own.

Note: At this time, RHS2 isn’t planned to have the actual Loyalty Points system, but your total Loyalty Points value in RHS1 will give you some special exclusive rewards in RHS2 for being such a longtime supporter of the game!

Another note: RHS2 won’t have the exact same items as RHS1. We have to re-make every item to work with the new game, along with brand new stuff, so we won’t have time to get every single item into RHS2. Not to worry, we will be re-making all of the most popular items first.

So, in short: Yes, your overall progress in RHS1 will carry over to RHS2.
PHEW. That was a long answer.

Thank you all so much for your continuing support!


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