RHS2 Info Summary

If you somehow didn’t know already, we are officially working on Roblox High School 2! This post is a quick summary of all the info we’ve announced about RHS2.

(To see the original, full announcement post from Jan. 12, 2018, click here!)

RHS2 will be a brand new game re-scripted entirely from scratch - all the code will be re-written, we’ll have a brand new beautiful map, there’ll be brand new items, and I will be creating brand new, highly demanded features that people have been requesting for years! The current game’s code is very old and hard to work with; this new framework will make it much easier for me to create new updates for RHS2 in the future.

RHS2 is a completely separate game from RHS1; it is not replacing the original game. RHS1 will continue to exist in the future. Though I’m sure you won’t hesitate to play the new game after seeing all the massive improvements over the original :)

I’m aiming to have an early access test version of RHS2 ready by the end of August - this version will just include a few of the main features and a small number of items, and it will be paid access to prevent too many people from entering at once. You should expect it to be buggy and incomplete, but I want to let people play the game ASAP so that I can improve it more quickly. Over time I’m going to keep adding more features and items, and RHS2 will be fully released in the months after the testing period! The full release will include all planned features and items, as well as support for multiple languages.

Plans can always change, so there’s no guarantees about any release date. Making a big game like this requires a ton of work, so we appreciate your patience.

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Members of the RHS Fan Club will also receive exclusive in-game items in RHS2 as well!

Some other important points to make:

  • RHS2 will be fully compatible with PC, tablet, mobile, and console! Buildings won’t have to be hidden on mobile devices anymore.
  • Many of the items in RHS2 will be new/different from the ones in RHS1. Some may have the same mesh, but they will all have completely different code, animations, etc. Not all items will return immediately, it takes a ton of work to remake the items.
  • Roblox does not give us any way of directly transferring your data to a different game. (It would be impossible anyway, since RHS2 will have completely different items.) However, by using a workaround, I’ll be able to transfer approximate values of the following stats from RHS1 to RHS2:
    • Time Played
    • RHS Cash, and RHS Cash value of all items owned (i.e. if you spent about $5,000 RHS Cash on items in RHS1, the items themselves can’t be transferred, but you will be given 5,000 Credits in RHS2)
    • For Loyalty Points & LP value of items owned: The loyalty system won’t be the same in RHS2, but you will be given rare, exclusive rewards in RHS2 depending on your LP value in RHS1.
  • Your gamepasses in RHS1 will work in RHS2. However, they may work slightly differently in the new game (for example, since Roblox has taken down copyrighted music, the DJ pass in RHS2 will offer a pre-selected list of free CDs instead).

Thanks for all of your support, I’m looking forward to seeing you all in RHS2!
~ Cindering


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