RichText [TextScaled Support Added]

Can we get a <br>? This would make multiline text entry much easier!

I don’t see how this would be useful. We already have a \n for new line. And if you’re having someone manually input a new line then you should be turning on Multi Line on the text box.

Awesome! We no longer have bland UI with only basic text, thanks for this!

/n only works if you’re setting the text of the object via script not if you’re setting it through the properties menu.

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Yay, another visual update! I think this update will greatly improve text heavy games, such as RPGs. I also think this will improve game menus on Roblox!

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This is a great update! To complement this, I’ve created a plugin to help edit text fields:

Finally omg.

Well done Roblox!! :clap:

Any idea when this will be out of beta?

Great feature,
i hope that we can use css for ui that would be awesome.
(even better javascript :D)

ah, yes something that I’ve been wanting for a while

can we ever get custom fonts added tho?

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You can easily copy multi line text and paste it and it will have the same affect. There is no need to have a break tag.

I really like this new Feature… but there’s a issue on 1280x720, 1920x1080, or higher pixes where the text is too small with richtext on. I mean most phones and tablets work well with this setting on. Just hope they fix the text to scales well for higher pixes count.


Another one of the features I want to put into my game but I have to wait until the feature is officially out of beta before I can publish the game.

Hopefully it won’t be too long!


What do you mean by this? I haven’t been able to accomplish multi line text without the usage of a script or a lot of spaces (which is not recommended unless using offset)


Wow! This is incredibly useful, I’ve been wanting this for a while now, amazing work as always Roblox!


Thanks for the suggestion. This is already on our roadmap.

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I’ve been messing with this a little bit and I tried to recreate something from another game that frequently uses highlighted text.

I discovered a bug whereby it ignores multiple line breaks–i.e. you can only have one line break at a time, all others are ignored. (@uhTeddy in post #126, was this the issue you were running into?)

Raw input
<font color="#3A7531">Handgun Ammo</font>
Gunpowder x2

<font color="#3A7531">Shotgun Shells</font>
Gunpowder + High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow)

<font color="#3A7531">MAG Ammo</font>
High-Grade Gunpowder (Yellow) x2

I also noticed that it doesn’t work with TextScaled. I’m assuming this is because the sizing system uses absolute size values. Because of this, despite having places within my game where RichText would be wonderful, I can’t use this due to my focus on being able to scale all of my elements to every possible display. I’d like to see relative sizing implemented alongside absolute sizing, but moments after I finished typing my idea out, I just realized this could create a situation where increasing/decreasing font size would also result in suddenly increasing the margin, resulting in having to recompute the text size. I can see why this probably isn’t feasible.


Supporting the TextScaled is WIP, while we did encounter the issue you mentioned that it is hard to find a good heuristic when users are able to specify size for certain spans. Meanwhile have you considered using UIScale instead of using textscaled to resize your text objects…?
Thanks for trying this beta feature and give such explicit feedback.


Gonna be honest, this probably took way too long to add in the first place. Still, I feel this would be a great addition and I only would like to see these kind of features that are almost available on any program (Discord, Xbox Messaging, Word, Etc) come out when they should because seriously I don’t see how this has only come out now.


finally no more buy a monster pc with your screen dying bc of textlabels with cool cool features