RichText [TextScaled Support Added]


Seriously, I couldn’t have been more happier to see this coming out, especially since this survey came out. It will be so much easier to dynamically color text in one label, and I won’t have to go through the struggle to use multiple labels.

This will also be a great feature for @boatbomber’s Lua Learning. Sure, that means complete re-writing of the libraries and such, but it will be much less of a hassle.

2020 has been an amazing year for the devs (even if I’ve run out of ideas), honestly. With phase 3 of FiB, better discovery, and more, I am slowly getting more and more optimistic. Sure, 2020 sucks, but you never know, things may change next few months.


Unfortunately, because it switches to the raw text when focused, this is worthless to me. I can’t have a script editor use this for syntax highlighting because they’ll just see random XML junk instead of colored script text.

Oh well, I’m sure this has many other uses!


Well, I guess you might be able to split it up into two sides; the markdown editor and the text/guide preview, but I’m not sure if that will do any better.


I’m talking about a script editor, not a tutorial writer.

The textbox should look like:

local x = 1

But will look like:

<font color="#abcdef">local</font> <font color="#abcdef">x</font> <font color="#abcdef">=</font> <font color="#abcdef">1</font>

Reply to: @Mirzadaswag & @boatbomber
as @dustmouse12 said, I really think that there should be an editor for RichText in studio + the abality to be able to only get string data without RichText syntax

Support for tags within textLabels is a nice addition but having everything cramped under one line especially with tags would make editing text more cramped. It would be great if there was a popout window to edit text and a more feature-rich text editor would be much welcome.

A text editor like this pictured above would be great!


It’s so heart-warming to see this go from a feature request to a feature!

I’ve created this cool effect in a matter of minutes!

Can we also have a font-weight property in there? That way the animation above can look less jagged and more like a “fade-in” effect. Plus, can we also have a text offset property where we can slightly offset the text from its current position. This can make a cool bounce effect mixed with the typewriting effect where new characters fall to the text label’s position from a higher/lower position.

Actually, being able to use rich text on any visual text property like text transparency would be even better!

I am feeling so happy that I want to create more cool things with this!
Thank you everyone who worked on this,
Keep it up, Roblox! :roblox: :roblox_light:

@AREDEUS @dustmouse12 I think this may be of great use: Text Editor Window (it has gotten staff attention via a like, so it may be coming soon, too!).


RobloxScreenShot20200720_220232092 (2)

I was messing around with this in one of my games, and in less than an hour, I’ve already found that the new RichText feature removes TextStroke from words when formatted. It seems like this happens with all of the formats.

I’ve also found that you cannot edit the TextStrokeTransparency while RichText is on. It’s almost like it freezes the text completely.


This was stated in the original post, they have a fix planned.


We agree, more on this soon…


Yes this would be a good feature addition, the current method to edit the text is less than ideal.


Oh my god, this is a dream coming true!
I’ve been wanting for months for this feature to be announced, and now it’s finally here!
This is one of the best days in my life


Oh my god, I didn’t know there was a RichText beta feature in Roblox studio. I think it’s a good feature to use for a TextLabel. I feel so excited to use this feature. :+1:

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I ask myself exactly the same question as @Halalaluyafail3 : Is it possible to change a text without showing it in XML format and will MarkDown and HTML be supported?

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is incredible!! now we can write in our games (example) “find 3 carrots” it looks more beautiful if you write it in bold because you highlight what to look for, instead “find 3 carrots” it looks very simple. excellent update.


I really like this update, but some developers are not specialize to script, and now, it makes it even harder to write on signs.

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Awesome addition, I’ve wanted RichText so badly!


Is this live in client yet?

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This must be one of the most usefull feature available in Roblox Studio.

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You guys are really going exponential with the “I wish Roblox had this” features as of late. Hype!!! Thanks for all the awesome work behind the scenes! :smiley:

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This is so cool!
Kinda wish there was a better text editor and more fonts though…

And speaking of that: Will some fonts be depracated? (for instance: GothamBold, ArialBold, SourceSansItalics)

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