Rig is complete but moon animator can't use it

I’ve just completed a rig for a plant in roblox studio and when I open Moon Animator and select the model it shows there being nothing. The model itself has folders inside of it to keep things more ordered and cohesive.

I’ve tried adding each part into the animator after I’ve opened the rig but it ended up moving the whole of the plant altogether. I used RigEdit Lite to rig the model. Let me know if you have any suggestions for a fix.

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Try using an AnimationController instead of Animator

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Beautiful plant. Did you tried using normal Animation editor?(I know its uncomfortable) I’m waiting for Moon animator to be able to use 4 action priorities

We have tried to use the normal roblox animator but unfortunately it also isn’t working. Any more ideas are welcome though

Could you elaborate on what you mean by an Animation Controller?

Create an animation controller instance and parent the animator to the animation controller

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In the model I am using there is no Animator, where should I put it in the first place? What would doing this do to help me to have moon animator recognise the rig and the parts attached?

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Make the Animation Controller a child of the Model and then put an Animator inside of the Animation Controller. An animation controller is used for animating non-humanoid objects (instead of a humanoid). I’m not sure if it will help with moon animator but you won’t be able to animate without it.
From there you load animations into the animation controller instead of the humanoid. My thought process is that moon animator doesn’t recognize your rig because it has no controller and no humanoid.

Thank you! Adding the animation controller and animator worked using the roblox animator! Thanks for the explanation aswell.

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