Right click changes selection

I can’t separate a union that’s in a model because when I right click it selects the model. Right click should not change the selection.


I can’t tell how it works with right clicks, as I’m using RibbonBar for this, but shouldn’t you hold Alt while selecting?
Unfortunately I can’t load the video for some reason.

Right click, open video in new tab.

I’m on mobile, can only download it. But even then, the video is missing.

Doesn’t work with right-clicking. Also right-click shouldn’t be the select button anyway.

Right clicking has been really strange lately, whenever a click a model, it selects the stuff inside the model.

What @Sharksie is seeing is the currently correct behavior. Right-clicking assumes you want to right-click on what the mouse is over, not what is currently selected (If you had something not visible selected and right-clicked, would you want the right-click menu to be for that object?). That said, to solve your CSG problem, Alt+Click the Union and then click Separate in the Ribbon. Alternatively, set Separate to a shortcut and use that once the Union is selected. If you feel that the right-click behavior should be changed, please make a suggestion in the Feature Request category.

The issue im having is when im selecting a model, or a part and then I right click it to open up this menu,
When I right click it, im right clicking it to either delete it, maybe ungroup it, union it, or insert stuff to it. Its really convenient to just right click on a model, and then have the menu pop up to edit that model Now it automatically selects a part or decal inside. So when I select a model and then right-click to open the menu, im no longer editing the model, im now editing a part of the model. It makes building inconvenient because then I have to sift through explore and edit it that way. It may seem like a small thing but it really ruins the flow of building, especially when I need to copy and paste decals into multiple bricks.

If I wanted to work with something inside the model I rather press alt and do it that way.

What you’re encountering sounds like a bug. What OS are you on and what Studio version do you have?

Im using the most recent studio version and Im on windows 7

Does this happen to you if you insert a few parts, group them, and right-click? If so, can you send me a video of this happening?

Actually nvm. What I used to do is I would select a model, then right-click to open the menu for that model. What started happening recently is whenever I had a model selected and right-clicked to open the menu for that model, it would then select a part inside. I think you said that what’s supposed to happen. It just messed me up. So now all I have to do is just right-click the model and boom the model’s selected/menu pops up.

The correct behavior is that right-clicking on a model should select the model. If that is not what’s happening, let me know.

Here I first select the model using left-click, then when I right-click the model to open the menu it goes and selects one of the decals on the leaves.


but I think what you’re trying to tell me is is just to right click the model and skip the selecting-it-first part. In that case it does work.

Can you send me that model? That looks like unusual behavior and I want to make sure it’s working properly.