Right leg always overlapping with animations

I’ve had this problem for quite a long time, the right leg always uses the walking animation when moving regardles of priority or animation weight.

Can you please explain more? It makes sense that a leg would do a walking animation if the character is moving, so I don’t really get what the issue is.

Yeah it’s pretty confusing what you are doing with the animation weights and which specific animation you are editing.

Just keep in mind there is also a run animation that gets blended in which usually plays when you wasd on the laptop moving at full speed. You will only notice the walk animation if you are on mobile unless you use this modified animate script:

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You’re probably not keyframing the right leg in animation editor, if it’s not keyframed then it’ll use the default animations.

You probably didn’t edit the keystrokes in the animation editor for the right leg joints, so by default, it uses the default walking animation.

Yes I am, but does it no longer count if there are no more keyframes for the right leg and the animation continues?