Ro-Chat Update Log and Bugs List

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Here is an update log and bugs list on Ro-Chat, created by @Ty_IsHomeSchooled. Please note that this is not written by the owner but instead one of the developers, learn more about Ro-Chat here.


Version 1.1
  • Fixed bugs with allowing players to move
  • Fixed bugs with unnecessary TopBar items enabled [e.g. emotes, leaderboard, chat, inventory etc]
  • Disabled Reset Character and Shift Lock
Version 1.2
  • New logo
  • Redesigned UI
  • Added TopBar+ features into the game
Version 1.3a
  • Added light theme [Does contain a few bugs such as not every element is in a light theme and TopBar+ just fails to work when the light theme is turned on and settings do not save]
Version 1.3.1a
  • Changed maximum amount of players from 50 to 225


The game currently contains the following bugs:

  • Bugs with border showing when closing #lounge and #front-page.
  • Bugs with Send DM/Friend Request menu not popping up when pressing the button with stuff open
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Version 1.3a was added. This is an alpha version and there is still plenty of bugs with the light theme, for now I do not recommend turning on the light theme.

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Version 1.3.1a was just added. This is just a quick update increasing the maximum number of players.