Ro-Chat Update Log and Bugs List

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Here is an update log and bugs list on Ro-Chat, created by @Ty_Scripts. Please note that this is not written by the owner but instead one of the developers, learn more about Ro-Chat here.


Version 1.1
  • Fixed bugs with allowing players to move
  • Fixed bugs with unnecessary TopBar items enabled [e.g. emotes, leaderboard, chat, inventory etc]
  • Disabled Reset Character and Shift Lock
Version 1.2
  • New logo
  • Redesigned UI
  • Added TopBar+ features into the game
Version 1.3a
  • Added light theme [Does contain a few bugs such as not every element is in a light theme and TopBar+ just fails to work when the light theme is turned on and settings do not save]
Version 1.3.1a
  • Changed maximum amount of players from 50 to 225
Version 1.3.2
Version 1.4.x
  • Anti-spam measures relaxed to 3 seconds
  • Added donation button
  • Added group servers
Version 1.5
  • Created tutorial menu
Version 2.0
  • Home menu revamp
  • Server menu revamp
  • New profile menu
  • Donate button update
  • RoChat now stores a join date for new users
  • DM’s menu updated to be full screen
  • Combined send dm/fr menu with received fr’s
  • Added feedback section
    [its a really good update, check it out, thanks to @Ty_Scripts as always]
Version 2.1
  • Menus now use new logo
  • Created gamepass frame
Version 2.2
Version 2.2.1
  • Bug fixes
  • New game thumbnail
Version 2.2.2
  • Sending feedback now opens a thank you message
Version 2.3
  • Added find a Ro-Chatter tag via Roblox username feature
  • Ro-Chat is no longer in alpha yeet [now in beta]
Version 2.3.25/2.3.1
  • Added a pfp next to someones username
Version 2.3.2
  • Changed sidebar icons to be more modern
  • Fixed icon sizing on change icon [this isn’t functional yet]
  • Added Report Message button [won’t display perfectly on some devices, was made by @Ty_Scripts not me]
  • Added advertisements on DM/FR/FaF page
  • Temporarily had user is typing


The game currently contains the following bugs:

  • Not really a bug but we’ve disabled profile pictures and bios for now

Version 1.3a was added. This is an alpha version and there is still plenty of bugs with the light theme, for now I do not recommend turning on the light theme.

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Version 1.3.1a was just added. This is just a quick update increasing the maximum number of players.

The border bug has now been fixed and we will update the post to reflect this.

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There has also been a new update [version number changes just about to happen] which has a spam message limit.

Updated with 1.4.x Info, 1.5 releasing soon :smiley:

1.5 has been added but there’s two new bugs, versionvalue doesn’t work and I’m not fully sure if people will be able to create new RoChatter tags right now due to the tutorial menu update [really sorry]

@Ty_Scripts, please check if this update works, strong chance that it hasn’t

sorry for any issues

Edit: Hearing reports that creating tags is still working

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What’s this? The logo here isn’t updated to the current one in the game, anyways as there is no current credits for the creator in the about section, I may as well say it here, huge thank you to @RobloxTitan4223. Thank you to @Ty_Scripts for scripting.


So we have done our biggest update yet. Version 2.0. A completely revamped UI.

See all of the changes by looking at the entry for this version or joining the game.

This update wouldn’t have been possible without @Ty_Scripts’ scripting, my UI, @RobloxTitan4223’s assistance and @FxllenCode’s donation.


Just added updates to the list. Again this update wouldn’t of been made possible without our kind donators like @FxllenCode. Edit: accidently forgot to include new thumbnail update info in 2.2.1


Just added another update.

Version 2.2.2
  • Sending feedback now opens a thank you message

Another new update, thank you to @Ty_Scripts for suggesting this new feature. I know this may sound repetitive, but again thank you to people like @FxllenCode who donate to support the project. We’re also out of alpha now and we are now into beta.

Version 2.3
  • Added find a Ro-Chatter tag via Roblox username feature
  • Ro-Chat is no longer in alpha yeet [now in beta]

Version number has been changing to 2.3.25 but I’m waiting to hear confirmation from @RobloxTitan4223 to know what has changed.

I’ve finally got confirmation on what was changed into 2.3.25 [aka 2.3.1].

It’s basically just adding a image next to a players name when they chat, adding it to the update log now. Thanks to @RobloxTitan4223 and @Ty_Scripts for making this update. [Please note: the images may be stretched, I [the UI Designer for the game] was not involved in this update]

Again, I know this sounds extremely repetitive but this update would not be possible without beta testers such as @davFaithid and donators such as @FxllenCode.


New update, there has been minor updates before this but it hasn’t been given an official version number so I’ll be including those two.

v2.3.2b updates the sidebar icons to a more modern theme, a report message button has been added [this update was made by @Ty_Scripts so it’ll be sadly not be positioned correctly on some devices]. Fixed change icon menu [can’t actually change icons yet] to made the icons display better on smaller devices. [please DM me if any updates was missed, was also a person is typing thing temporarily but it had bugs so we removed it]

Again this would not be possible without donators like @FxllenCode


oh and I forgot advertisements was added to the DM/FR/FAF page [looks like ad-free isn’t scripted for approved users such as me who dont have the gamepass]

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How long has it been since an update?

We are working on a version 2.4/3 early beta. Preview screenshots will be linked below.

Whilst your waiting for the next Ro-Chat update however, Truss Studios hopes to be releasing our newest game Strongest One in the next few weeks.

Huge thank you to donators such as @FxllenCode and our amazing staff team as well.


We want to make notifications/popups a thing that can make Ro-Chat much more easier to use. I’ve mocked up an ‘Inspect Profile’ feature [send Roblox friend request might be removed due to people being able to send public/private messages from different servers].


I’ve also got several other confirmation boxes [the white line is a timeout for when the notification auto closes]:




Forgot to mention that I have fixed some old icons still showing and I have modified this section to move the join date up into this bar and to edit the profile picture menu and to add the ability to edit the bio feature.

I mentally do not know why I haven’t updated the logo here yet, will do when I can.

Also a while ago I was working on this:

[can’t find it though, screenshot that i was going to attach was a change to the messaging ui]