Ro-Studio new logo

Ro-Studio - A new way to create games you know this topic before I got some robux from that game and things gone well so I gone bought a new logo also I advertise it but the reason of why I posted that I want your feedbacks about new logo, thanks to roman for drawing that logo


This is a pretty nice logo. I don’t have any negative comments or notice anything that should be revised with it. Looks good! :slight_smile:

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Looks pretty sick! I love the background and the color scheme! I would remove the X’s since they look a bit out of place. The outlines for the icons look a bit strange.

PS: Icons from Flaticon require attribution.








I like this logo but, can you add the Roblox Studio logo?
It’s just a ideas, don’t blame for negative thoughts.

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It looks awesome! Although as @DJCreeper_167 said, the X’s are a bit out of place

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Thanks for all feedbacks I will think everything you said


Nice but I have some changes for the future.


I always recommend going with a darkened version of the base colour for strokes/outlines as it adds depth and takes away from the lack of colour.

Subtle details

Tiny details, such as, warping text, blending modes, and colour all play a huge role in how much a logo stands out and this lacks a certain theme from the variation of colour used here.


Making Game Logos: Colors (BEGINNER'S GUIDE)
Basics of Game Logo Design Process and Base Structuring Tutorial [Jan9 Update]

The roblox logo community also features great resources, inspiration, and tutorials! You can find them on twitter to join the discord, but since your profile does list you as a programmer these tips may or may not help you very much in case you plan on doing future work but it may help anybody else that happens to stumble across this post.

the top side of the logo is very empty