Ro-Tasks: Speed up and change your workflow [v3.0.2]


We all know the issue of forgetting where we left off and if we commented stuff, where to find it back. Atleast I know i have. In the last week I’ve come up with an eligant sollution for this.
I would like to introduce to you; Ro-Tasks


Ro-Tasks is an easy implementation of noting down tasks and getting to see them visually in the plugin. The plugin allows you to set a task header and body alongside from it jumping directly to the line when clicked on.

make sure to comment the line first to prevent errors in your script, it does register a line without comment but that should be common sense.


you don’t need to do anything complicated, simply comment your line, put in the syntax of your preference (>>, >?, >!) write down the header, end the header ( : ) and write down the body. like so:

-- >>My Header: Some specific body

that’s it. nothing more, nothing less. Easy right?
Want to see it in action before getting the plugin? Sure thing! take a look at the video!

(if the video doesn’t work use this link:
Syntax Description Color code
>> Low priority. ¹ Green
>? Medium Priority. ¹ Blue
>! High priority. ¹ Red
: End of the task’s title
#$ Makes the plugin ignore the task on the same line
#ignore Makes the plugin ignore the whole script
#scene allows selective searching for objects, when implanted it will select the parent of the script and open the script on the defined line. ²
#editor Opens the script at the line of the comment. ²
@scriptName when searching using @ as prefix it will search for script names for example @localscript will return all scripts named localscript that contain tasks
¹ Will become customizable in the future; ² when neither of these are used it will be given globally to all selections
Patch Notes
Version Patch Date
1.0.0 Initial release February 15th 2020. 9:15 am UTC
1.1.0 Added selective searching February 16th 2020. 12:20 am UTC
1.1.1 Fix attempt in the major lag occurrence when typing in scripts February 16th 2020. 12:40 am UTC
1.2.0 Builders now have a proper use of this plugin, the task select and goes to the parent model/part when clicked (opening the task script is optional) February 16th 2020. 11:40 am UTC
1.2.1 Fixed and tested for the lag issue. Updating now has a slight delayed response. not enough to visually get disgusted February 16th 2020. 4:40 pm UTC
2.0.0 See major Tasks update February 18th 2020. 3:45 pm UTC
2.0.1 Small auto task updater fix February 18th 2020. 4:41 pm UTC
2.0.2 Performance boost & disabled tasks during playtime March 13th 2020. 6:06 pm UTC
2.1.0 Light theme support March 15th 2020. 12:55 pm UTC
2.1.1 Saving initial state when exiting play mode/studio March 21th 2020. 12:56 pm UTC
2.1.2 Fixed issues of tasks not popping up properly when: it’s parented to something or when undoing/redoing. This usually broke the plugin until the script got updated April 17th 2020. 6:55 pm UTC
2.1.3 Minor fixes in regards of not properly detecting newly inserted module scripts April 28th 2020. 12:25am UTC
2.2.0 Added task completion (with a verification popup) when right clicked on the task & version checking. The plugin will put a small notification under your version if a new update is available. Keep in mind that the plugin will remove the whole line (or multi-line comment) when marking a task as complete (Thanks to @davness with helping out on the version checker) May 4th 2020. 8:28pm UTC
2.2.1 Patched out some proxy issues, this should be resolved. (if not message me) May 5th 2020. 3:35pm UTC
2.2.2 some UI fixes regarding resizing the plugin when docked & the plugin will no longer notify you that a new version is available when your plugin version is above the post’s latest version (because, you know, updating costs time) May 5th 2020. 10:11pm UTC
2.2.3 Removed proxy usage and replaced it with a paste-bin to prevent error warnings from the plugin due to an unavailable proxy July 28th 2020. 11:29am UTC
2.2.4 fixed that a multi line comment above a task breaks the tasks below September 23rd 2021. 10:38am UTC
3.0.0 Revamped plugin UI to be more clean (credits to @Iushroom for the UI concept) and added searching by script using @SCRIPTNAME. this only filters out scripts and is not intended for content after the @ November 22nd 2021. 2:14pm UTC
3.0.1 Made ui more compact and scalable November 23rd 2021. 10:15pm UTC
3.0.2 Fixed up comment prefix requirements December 4th 2021. 15:01pm UTC
Todo list
Title Description Priority
Presetting Header/Title Ability to set the header of every task within the script at once instead of needing to do it separately
Prefix Customization Allowing to customize the prefix/suffix for both Team create and solo development. Execution is to be decided possibly with using a single module in the game with a specific format. Not entirely sure about that one, Any suggestions for this are welcome.
Plugin settings tab allowing users to set certain aspects of the plugin depending on how global it is, still deciding what exactly to put in the settings tab as most stuff is pre-set and shouldn’t be changed

Get Ro-Tasks Here


April 17th 2020

For teams

  • Due to recent editor changes such as committing you now require to commit your changes before they appear in the task plugin (This is only required for team create)

May 4th 2020

For version 2.2.0 - 2.2.2

  • Update notices within the plugin are bound to the version updates on this forum post. Meaning if a new update is available it’s always a good idea to check back here as that means that the post got updated.
  • The plugin currently uses a proxy to access It’s up to you to allow this proxy or not as it only searches this specific post once for any new updates on plugin startup/reload.
    Elaborated more about it here

July 28th 2020

For version 2.2.3 and above

  • The plugin no longer makes use of a proxy but instead uses pastebin (Wanted to avoid that but seemingly there’s no way on avoiding it at this instance)

November 22rd 2021

For version 3.0.0 and above

  • Tasks with the scene tag no longer have the option to be opened, this is disabled on default and instead clicking just makes you jump to the parent object (if it’s a part/mesh or model)

Does this support multi-line? If it doesn’t currently that would be very helpful to add!


I think you should expand this to being also used for building, it would be cool to have a small to-do list while working alongside the game. I would imagine some kind of text input with a button to create and remove certain tasks.


@Sluethen yes it supports multi-line. the video does demonstrate both single line comments and multi line comments.
@Solar_Wraith I will most certainly look into that.


Whoops! Missed that in the preview. Thanks for the response

@VoidedBIade Looking back at it, It doesn’t support multi-line. See picture


If this supported team create me and the Alterdrift team would definitely switch.

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It should supports team create. as it just registers comments with specific marks in scripts. just make sure you save the edits in the script so it pops up for everyone.


How neat, do you see this as the final form or do you intend to add any website cross-functionality or other?

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other than the features that are yet to come I am currently making a Visual Studio Code add-in with the same functionality as a lot of people use rojo for their projects, I’ll be sure to announce the release of that and the other features when they arrive.


Great plugin!

Though there’s a pretty serious issue where it freezes studio for 10 seconds for every letter that I type. I would definitely look into that!!


This issue should be fixed as of the new update. This update includes selective searching that is usable for builders too as suggested by @Solar_Wraith. (see update logs in the OP)

Major Update

So a rather convenient update has been pushed to the plugin, this will needs quite some explaining on how this exactly functions, what to do and what you shouldn’t do.

So what is this supposedly major update? well… MULTI-LINE SUPPORT is here. Put in any text into the task section, who cares how long it is! To demonstrate I grabbed a generated Lorem Ipsum text into the multi-lined comment section.

So what things should you do and what things shouldn’t you do?


  • make sure the text is below or above the title end suffix( : ) or both. why not put the title and task prefix in the middle? it’s not like it’ll make a difference in your work flow other than convenience!
  • Use as much space as you want. it has a support of over 10k lines per card (absurd, but if you need it why not)
  • want to create a new multiline card? make a new multi-line comment.


  • Putting a multi-line task on a single line (why even would you?)
  • Starting with the text on the same line as the title.
  • making a second multi-line card in the same multi-line comment as a different card.

Functionality of the card is the same as all the other cards, clicking it will either direct you to the title of the card or the object depending on the scope (#editor, #scene or no scope)


Hello, I have installed this plugin and nothing seems to be working. I have reset studio and even reseted my whole computer and still no good. This is what I have put into the local script, could you tell me if anything is wrong? Thanks, Michael_Eastgate

The plugin only looks in section that allow scripts to run. on top of that due to the recent update in team create you’ll have to commit the changes before they pop up. this will hopefully be fixed in the next patch when i convert some stuff.

If it weren’t regarding either of those please do PM me so this issue can be resolved.

Bravo - I love this plugin. Awesome idea and design.

Great plugin! Wish there was a completion option e.g right clicking a task and marking it as complete thus removing the comment. Since now when I finish a task I have to go into the script and delete the piece of comment. One thing I assumed was that headers would sort of work like categories and visually group together tasks since if I use the same header like “TODO” it will quickly become redundant information.

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currently the headers do work like a visual group. when using the search bar and entering a header’s name it will pick everything with those headers as name (sadly including texts that match that name aswell, still working on selective searching as stated in the to-do list)

This plugin helps me a lot. Thank you

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the proxy service access pop-up. I want to clarify that this access request is 100% safe.
the only allowed place the proxy is able to go to is to and it will stay that way. If you don’t trust it you can deny it as it only will disable the update notifier as that’s bound to the OP

The reason a proxy service is used is because roblox does not allow you to directly connect to the roblox domain from within studio or in game, this is simply a work around to retrieve the latest version from the post itself rather than constantly needing to update a 3rd party website such as a pastebin or whatever.

This has already been explained in the OP but not as elaborated, therefore the clarification