Roarn [1.0.2] - A Roblox Package Manager for an organized workspace!

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Roarn is a simple package manager. It easily manages packages and their dependencies creating a easier and user friendly environment.

Why Roarn?

Using a tool like Roarn will boost your productivity on your Rojo Workspace. Roarn will manage all community made modules for you making your workspace cleaner and more efficient. Its all as simple as doing roarn add roact

When searching for packages in Roarn it will give quick results on your search in seconds. In return it gives you the best packages to help your development.


To install Roarn you will need Node.js. After that you can simply run the following to install:
npm install roarn --global

If you still have issues on installing Roarn check out our documentation.


If you have any questions on how Roarn works, please reply on this post! I’ll be answering all questions here.

If you have more concerns or need help with Roarn we have community servers!

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Roblox Studio version will be coming soon


Should you be exposing your apiKey on GitHub? (Dunno if this is sensitive data or not, I’m not familiar with Firebase much)


This is Firebase client. Its not an issue as requests are authenticated in the server securely. All that info is already publicly available anyways.

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When running commands, where would you be running them?

Roarn is a CLI tool similarly to how Rojo works. You would be running this outside Roblox on a Terminal. Although I am in the works for Roblox Studio compatibility.

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[1.0.1] Added custom path ability

You can choose a custom path to publish your package to.


  |_ init.lua

You can now set “lib” or any other custom directory name as the publishing directory rather than just src.

Just add "path": "/yourpath" to your roarn.json to start using custom paths!


Run npm install roarn --global to update Roarn!

Why use this over wally? Wally is by the team behind Adopt Me, which means it would be well maintained. Additionally it is written in Rust rather than node, which is incredibly faster than node.


First, Roarn has features that Wally does not have, like popular packages, package searching (which is critical for package managers), safer end-to-end registry requests, and a better OAuth2 system for authentication between CLI-Server.

Not forgetting Roarn has been in the works for way before Wally has even been announced with our vision to help package managing on Roblox.

We also have many other features in the works for the future of package management on Roblox such as private packages, a desktop app for a WAY better, and faster experience, Roblox Studio compatibility, and a lot more.

We also have a team which is working to maintain Roarn, fix bugs, and make it better to use at all times, so that shouldn’t be something to ever worry about.

As for Node.js it was our preference to use.

How big is the team that is working on this?

Right now we have 2 employees (including me), but we have some QA people helping us test.

[1.0.2] Added dependencies list on Dashboard

You can now view all package dependencies on our Website/Dashboard.

Total Additions

  • Dependencies list
  • Bug fixes

Better Documentation

We severely improved our documentation recently creating a new immersive and more helpful experience. We hope you can understand how to use Roarn more with it.

Total Additions

  • Better Documentation
  • Bug Fixes