Roblox: 2018 Egg Hunt Custom Game Opportunity

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Hey developers,

As Roblox continues to grow, there are going to be new exciting opportunities for Developers to work on unique and collaborative projects. At Roblox we provide our developers with chances to work with top notch Roblox producers and benefit from great business opportunities our sponsors provide such as:

  • Milestone payments.
  • Social promotions for your own games and the ability to work with the social team.
  • In-game monetization. (Extra income/DevEx)
  • In-game teleportation advertisements to your own games within the sponsored game.
  • Real life AAA studio and professional experience.
  • The opportunity to include this to your professional portfolio.
  • Huge opportunity for a producer reference to your professional career. (College/University/Jobs)
  • The chance to work with Roblox employees.
  • Earn the exclusive White Banded Red Top Hat for working on an event/sales custom game.

We will most likely have a sponsor this year and we want to make sure you are okay with implementing integration that works best for the sponsor.

Our latest opportunity to offer to the Roblox Developer Community is our most anticipated event of the year, which launches in early April: The Roblox Egg Hunt 2018!!! The partnership entails creating a brand new custom game and we will allow you to pitch your idea for a theme to us!

Here are a few tips you can keep in mind when pitching your game-play idea to our team:

  • How will you implement skill-based gameplay?
  • What do you envision as the game mechanics?
  • What challenges would the gameplay bring?
  • A few more ideas to propose would be mini-games, puzzles, etc.

The gameplay will be explained in more detail to the winning Developer Team, but we are still looking for teams to pitch their amazing, creative ideas around their own themes and gameplay ideas. Teams are encouraged to apply and the selected team will be compensated for their efforts!

Click Here to Apply!*
Registration Deadline will be posted once available.

Developer Relations Team


Topping last year’s is gonna be tricky. Good luck everyone!


2018 has even more expectations piled up, with the fact that Easter is on the same day as April Fool’s Day, AND it’d be 10 years since Roblox’s first egg hunt!

Hoping that this year learns from the few flaws EH2017 had. It was quite a nice step up from previous hunts, but I felt two big issues were the fact that there were no “egg drop” style eggs with powers to add action between puzzle eggs, and the fact that the levels were too vast and empty for the normal walking speed.

Edit: Sorry Naco. Didn’t intend to reply towards you.


Awesome! Egg Hunt 2017 was great.
I expect nothing less from 2018 :wink:

Good luck everyone!


Are you sure they started with egghunt in 2007 and that they have had it every year?

Nope, hunts started in 2008. Then it skipped a year in 2009, and another in 2011. Every year since has had a hunt.

Developers of egg hunt 2018 please plan and execute well thought out monetization tactics in advance. Don’t want lot’s of particle effects for feet this year, stuff that will actual be beneficial/handy/expand to the game and not for pure decoration for the duration of the event.

Nerf, or nothing. This is advertising :sunglasses:

As a classic throwback there should be at least 1 egg that rains or a few ‘throwback nostalgia’ eggs as the market right now is hugely trending for throwbacks/nostalgia

Other than that looking excited



You get into this territory, you’ll get into pay-to-win. With the Egg hunt, I think everyone should have an equal playing ground to obtain the egg. No amount of robux should change that. They shouldn’t be pressured into spending robux to obtain an egg.

Cosmetic items are great for this because it gives people the option to pay without feeling forced too. The guys last year did a great job with this. There wasn’t anything that gave you an advantage over someone else. That’s the way it should be. I personally buy cosmetic stuff for events because I want to support the developer, but because I was forced too.

Just my thought.


I feel like there’s a time and place for paid advantages. While it’s no fun if a character can overpower themselves and basically guarantee a complete success just by spending a few thousand Robux, it’s also a good idea to give the player the ability to choose to work a bit less to win. So I suggest having some paid items that have a small amount of power. For instance, if there was an egg compass, rather than just pointing to the egg, it would display a range of angles at which the egg could be at (maybe 90 degrees?).


Exactly, there can be small things that assist you, but nothing that will make people feel required to pay to obtain an egg.

like paying for an increased chance to obtain an egg, and no matter how many times you pay, you don’t get the egg * cough *

However, in the case of last year, there wasn’t a lot of opportunities for them to do that. Every egg had a unique method to obtain. I’m sure it will be the same case this year. I personally just think there shouldn’t be anything paid specifically to a single egg.

This is an official event, not a personal game. You shouldn’t be milking the players for additional robux.


“Every egg had a unique method to obtain. I’m sure it will be the same case this year.”

That was our choice, doesn’t mean that the next team will do the same. We also put 99.999% focus into making gameplay for 43 different eggs which believe it or not is quite difficult to do in only four months of development. There simply wasn’t time for us to actually add monetization elements and we were all extremely against the idea of adding anything that would give paying players an edge over others.

When the game released we spent all our time fixing bugs, so monetization wise last year was a total failure, we only earned about 1.2 million Robux which was split to reward those who pulled extra weight.

Needless to say, we went overboard with the wild ideas and had to pay by working our butts off for months, but we all agreed from the very start that it was and would remain a passion project, we didn’t do it for the money but instead to try and give the community one hell of an event. By judging by the fact that I’m fairly sure we all lost 10-15 years of our expected life length from the stress and all-nighters that we pulled… I think we did pretty all right.

So for whoever ends up with the contract this year, the spotlight is on you, make it good and make us proud. The community > money



I do not want to be stressed, it will be without me. But I encourage those who want to embark on this project. :wink:


This is exactly what I think the egg hunt should be. I don’t think teams should sign up for the egg hunt looking for money. That’s not what this is about. Thousands of people will be playing the game. It should be about entertaining the community, not making a quick bank deposit. I know ROBLOX likes to keep the event open for the developers, but I honestly think they should push to keep the event free to play.

Just imagine what the game would have been if you focused your attention the other way around. Last year’s event had to be one of my favorites. It was incredibly well made and very polished. But like you said, you focused on making the game great, not making a profit. I think that’s one of the reason why the game turned out so good.


That’s literally all I want, not paying to get eggs but paying to give you a boost (e.g. having 28 walkspeed vs 16)

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@DieSoft :wink:


the best part of the egg hunt 2017 was this


Just you wait, I’ll get back into EBR one way or another!


Ooh. Exciting.

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As a person who has been working on this kind of contracts before amongst other stuff, I have learned a lot from personal experience but also from observing others, so here are some tips from me:

  1. Have enough scripters, from start to finish the scripters will be carrying the heavy load and make sure to compensate them for it!

  2. It is easy to be a builder, anyone can do it really, but to be able to build with a consistent design that matches what other builders make is what a lot of builders struggle, so find people who can do this and your game will look sweet.

  3. Have at least one person who is good at making graphics because that will be very useful for making user interfaces.

  4. Having a music composer is nice and all, but not necessary as you can find sound effects and music on various websites out there.

  5. One of you will be the “team leader,” now that does not mean that said person can sit on a high horse and give orders but not pull their weight. I would say that if you want the team morale to be high, the team leader should pull just as much weight as everyone else if not more. The team leader is meant to be the central pillar of the team, someone that the developers can rely on for support in any way and I can guarantee you that there will be drama in the team for various reasons and the team leader needs to be able to deal with that by working with the team members to solve the dispute or else the work environment will not be pleasant for anyone in the team.

  6. Always think about performance, if you write code or build in a way that adds unnecessary lag, then you are doing it wrong. Most users are on laptops and mobile devices which you are required to support. This means that you should avoid using unions, meshparts, high-resolution textures (textures in general really) and anything that will clog the memory.

– A little bit of info about why unions and meshparts aren’t ideal for anything but to cut down on moving objects. For normal parts, the geometry is already known and hardcoded into the engine. This lets Roblox make special optimizations which make parts easy to store in memory. Meshparts and unions however is a different story as you are dealing with arbitrary geometry which must be downloaded and stored in memory. To support low-end devices then you need to keep the memory usage as low as possible, and this means you will have to cut corners and suffer the consequences of having a place that might not look “as amazing as it could with unions and meshparts.”

  1. Communication is key, a team that doesn’t communicate is a dysfunctional team. In order to make sure that everyone in the team is able to have a good time when working on the contract I suggest playing games together or doing other activities just to form some friendship bonds. It is a much more rewarding and fun experience if you feel as if you are amongst friends, working together to create the next big thing and it will help prevent misunderstandings that may lead to disputes in the team.

There’s so much more I could write but I feel as if this will have to do for now, best of luck to anyone who wishes to apply but please do keep some of the stuff I wrote above in mind when choosing fellow developers to work with. Being the most amazing and most talented developer of all times does not mean that you will play well with everyone, and when put under a lot of weight and stress this becomes more prominent than ever.

I hope I haven’t scared some of you off with this however, working on events for Roblox have been a life experience and I got to meet new people and make connections in awesome places. Sure there is a lot of stress involved, but when you make it through and look back you can proudly say that you set out to do something and you completed it and in the process gained a lot of very valuable experience. And I mean like… You get to work with 2blox2quit and Hippie_ofDoom and that alone is a great reason to apply. Needless to say, you really grow as an individual and as a developer, and I highly recommend applying if you think you got what it takes.