Roblox 2019 Events Update

Generally I hate to be turning these things like Live-Ops down. But I honestly have huge respect with developers who really view things from a player stand point as well, I started to forget events were even a thing. I honestly am glad there are some decent sponsorships that have sponsored items released to the catalog. But what gets us interested in these “events” is a challenge to which we are rewarded at the end. If there is no incentive, there is no reason to hope anyone will visit your game for the sake of it just being in Live-Ops. I honestly wish developers would do something as like having badges being awarded in your Live-Ops games then awarding in-game items and prizes in another big name levels game. I have seen a good number of games doing this and they seem to only be role models, I seriously don’t see why others don’t do the same. Live-Ops is cool, I have no bias against much games… if they have badges, hehe. But hey, try making some bit of incentive to partake in these kinds of things otherwise nobody would care about these Live-Ops to begin with. Some people hated the change before it started and still do hate it. I hated it, realised it wasn’t bad but then had to rethink it, it wasn’t even worth taking note of as a player. We just play our normal gaming routine without events and it will be like that if there are no incentives playing other games. Incentives, incentives, incentives, all from the stand point of a player. Consider that.


True on game badges but uhhh problem Game badges are gone from the About section.

There is no such thing has the badges section anymore. I liget go to watch TV and come back to see no game badges.

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Ugh… this is really not a cool feature ROBLOX added… possibly the worst.


I still see it.

That’s because it just got fixed now


I posted it last night. Of course it got fixed. {Bug report fixed} Game badge missing on game badge

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I am glad they fixed this. I kinda wonder how quirky it would feel if games have badges but not visible on games page. I just hope they don’t remove badges. They probably did this as a test though.


Is there anyway I can Cancel my upcoming live ops event?

Mhm. Contact and they will cancel it. They require proof.

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You may have also forgot to mention the fun people had during these events. I personally enjoyed events like Ready Player One as it had sort of it’s challenge to it like in the movie with a community driven challenge, including a real incentive to partake in such an event. As for Live-Ops, I forgot it was a thing, even if I check it out, I don’t find games there at all worth my time. Even though some Live-Op events may be challenging, what reward do we get? “What do we get from partaking in this?”. Now some developers are just here to build and if what not, probably leave ROBLOX. I can see that happening to a ton of people on this platform and I doubt there is any solution Live-Ops can offer, I find it almost pointless other than promoting in-game events which we feel are non of our interest. Now to go back to an additional point:

If you are going to promote an Arsenal in-game event, for example, it wouldn’t attract us as much. The Arsenal players would play Arsenal, people who don’t play Arsenal don’t really care about there being a promotional event and most of us old players by the time events were still around basically irritate us because I see a pointless change coming which is making me question some things which are completely pointless. I don’t want to feel like I am insulting the existence of Live-Ops but we should actually care about the fun players have. With this relation to events, they were a challenge but rewarding, instead with Live-Ops it is like “Why would I even care to play this game? I have some things better to do…”

So really, I see it pointless promoting an in-game event considering people who actually play the games would be playing it and people who did not care would simply not care and just do their own stuff.

With that being said, I think the change in this is once again pointless and while I was overly present on this very topic, I do not feel at all settled with this change and I could never be whatsoever. This does many players not as good and it only raises more questions than answers, some of which would probably never be answered.


I really don’t even click image This anymore. Its pointless. Most of these games are either featured and or popular or top earning. RIP events.


None of the current games are popular or top earning.

They are all relatively small games.


Yeah, I noticed. Some games I never though ROBLOX would choose to, but they did. I guess that does give this feature a slight bit more use but doesn’t really invalidate any of my previously stated points, at least not that I know of.

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Star Sorority isn’t a new project, as you can see here it’s been around since 2018. It hasn’t failed to maintain a stable player base either, multiple YouTubers with a relatively large fan base has given the project publicity both in the past and present.

There’s no event listed either, instead it’s being used for free publicity. If MUSHROOMIA (the newest update for star sorority) is a permanent update than it isn’t considered an event.

The only event I see within this month’s selection would be Seconds to death’s “Find the Exotic Water gun”. I believe it’s temporary by the following statement: “Summer is not over yet! Find the Exotic Water gun and fight your way to victory.” This implies once summer is over, the exotic water gun will no longer be obtainable.

So overall there’s 3 creators misusing the feature for free publicity and only 1 creator choosing to do an actual event.

It’s rather absurd how this is is what Roblox consider’s acceptable behavior. In my honest opinion, this month’s dev ops participants have made a mockery of what this feature was originally intended for. To say I’m surprised would be an understatement as it’s rather clear that Roblox is more fixated on quantity than quality.

If Roblox continues to lack any amount of authoritativeness than project expectations will forever remain low, this platform will become unavoidably infested with generic cash grabs until consumers get tired of over saturation. It may be beneficial to the company’s total revenue presently however their reputation, image might never receive the recognition it deserves.


My opinion: I feel as this is more of a “Lets see how this goes” kinda thing rather than “Absolutely no egg hunts ever again because no” kinda thing. Though I could be completely wrong and it would he the second option (with a valid reason I guess), and end up like tix and die down a bit, sadly.


LiveOps are a way for developers to promote their games, there is no explicit requirement for it to be events— otherwise those games wouldn’t be accepted. Additionally, LiveOps aren’t just for “new” games.

Did I claim otherwise? I stated the feature is being misused as it was originally a substitute for events however now it’s becoming an alternative to “featured”.

There’s this old saying that you may be familiar with “Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should do it”.

Am I not allowed to express my disappointment?


While I cannot deny you are allowed you have your own opinion, I think you should definitely refer to the lives op page. My game, Star Sorority, is doing exactly what liveops encourages…

In the last update, There was a myriad of feature updates which centered around the entire user interface being rehauled, a new map being Mushroomia, and other content.

I am very thankful for the creation of roblox LiveOps because it is more then just free publicity, I can reach audiences I wasn’t able to before, which is something we should all utilize.

See: Roblox 2019 Events Update

“Promote new features, content, outfits, characters and maps.”
“Spotlight current features in your game.”

I’ve already familiarized myself with the page, I never stated you were the problem however I did specify why I believe the present execution of live ops is poorly designed and should’ve had less leniency involved.

It’s rather difficult to remain open minded to your perspective when you’ve had multiple YouTubers cover star sorority, and having been featured countless times in the past and present (I’ve been watching your growth behind the scenes for quite some time).

Had it ever occurred to that while this arguably had been beneficial to star sorority’s growth, maybe you ended up knocking someone down from actually qualifying for this month’s selection?

My perspective:
All I’m seeing is you dominating the competition. I’m sure you have your reasons as to why you don’t want anyone else sharing the spotlight however whatever your reasons may be doesn’t alter how I strongly oppose the direction Liveops is heading.

From this point on I won’t bother responding unless it’s in DMs. If I’ve struct a nerve than I apologize for offending you, if I haven’t offended you in any shape or form than I apologize for assuming and I hope you have a blissful night Prince.


One of the big issues with free clothing is copying. People would take a 500 robux t-shirt and give it away for free. Then roblox decided to add that 5 robux floor price. I honestly dont think they want to change that.

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