Roblox 2019 Events Update

Sounds like it affects the current event system. @JustSeanC Whether that affects things such as Egg Hunt not sure. (Due to buildthomas’s post below it seems like seasonal events are currently unaffected)


EDIT: Topic was updated to mention it does affect seasonal events as well.


Just like your update to the games page sort, this is still going to push games we already see and help developers who already have a big player base. You guys have totally forgotten about us little developers who work hard to get our games off the ground.

I don’t care if you remove monthly events. They were happening too often and had mediocre prizes so I never even played them. But as a player, I’m not going to check out a game I’ve never played before because it had some “cool” update. I don’t care.


I’m very with you on this. I feel like the removal of regular events that reward players with items makes it that much harder for free-to-play players to experience Roblox. I’ve been wanting a feature to award my players with t-shirts since late 2008 (nostalgia blast for me). If we’re moving away from events where players can earn content, it’d be nice to let developers award content they already can sell. If I can sell developer products in my games but also give them away for free, why can I sell t-shirts in my game but not give them away for free?

I’m excited to see new ways to promote developers but Live-Ops is a philosophy and I don’t understand why it’s replacing monthly events as they are non-comparable.


Yeah exactly what I thought. It specifically mentions monthly events which would include things like the current Pizza Party event but excludes annual events such as Egg Hunt.

Will certainly be interesting to see how this unfolds as time passes.


I agree with you. I wouldn’t call this an event update, more like an event removal.

Event Definition: a thing that happens or takes place, especially one of importance.

If this event is a constant thing, its practically making the featured page an event. No one is going to be excited to play these games, and most importantly the people who you want to benefit from this aren’t going to. The games which ROBLOX will see updated will be games which already have recognition.


They will get exposure but barely anything, plus being on the page doesn’t mean you’re gonna get people nor profits.


That’s at the fault of the developer then.

If your retention and monetization doesn’t gain you players nor earn you money you gotta do some major reviewing.


Even if the egg hunts or other events nosedive in quality, I 100% don’t expect the year they stop to go over the players well at all. Hopefully when it inevitably happens it’s handled decently.

I’d be lying if I thought it was a good idea to cancel Egg Hunt or other holiday events entirely, though. Especially when the work is mainly handed over to devs, many of which would be delighted to work on an egg hunt.


The exact issue I have with this event. If you do a big update then you don’t need ROBLOX’s help to get people to play the game, people will play it anyway.


My original game, it was awful in my opinion at the time. Out of the blue it exploded onto front page, and over like two months gained 50M visits. It wasn’t a good game at all during this time, and had no reason to explode.

Quality doesn’t mean your game will succeed, it’s whatever the players like. I think only having a single day is barely any exposure, plus weekends or holidays are more exposure due to simply being more players.

it’s free publicity, but almost unfair to everyone participating. I hope they really only go for quality and unique games for this.


Free advertising can never hurt. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging: Doesn’t really matter the day of week or time of month, free advertising is free advertising.


Sorry but if your game doesn’t perform well that’s 100% on you as the developer. - ESPECIALLY if you are getting free advertising from the platform itself.


This event is just constant free advertising, which will cause people to lose interest in the event itself. Events are supposed to have importance. If Christmas happened every day then no one would care it was Christmas, same with this event.


This is not an event :joy: there was never mention about this being an event.

It’s pretty much just showcasing different game updates every day. Honestly it’s not all that much different from the featured sort, just a lot more turnover and somewhat specific to game updates.


They are now lobby events (developers only build a smaller lobby game and the rest is in other games) so it’s only one step further to entirely remove them or just not have a lobby and entirely host it in other games.

Probably not. But they’d get over it. Not saying I agree with removing them or that this is Roblox’s attitude (it is not), but the community is really not that much of a blocker. The Christmas event last year got cancelled after all and replaced it with a Powers event (or something) which the community didn’t seem to care that much about it being cancelled, and some other events have also been closer to being shut down internally than you might think.

EDIT: Views are my own and this post does not represent Roblox’s attitude towards events. I guess I have to start writing these lines now.


Not gonna lie, seems like an event to me; showcasing and doing something special for ____

At least most Roblox events right now promote something, and showcase new features. This is just a smaller version of that, at least to me.

Plus I must say, :thinking: something is telling me it’s an event.


ROBLOX are featuring it as game events. Even if its not your typical Egg-Hunt type event I sure hope they are considered events considering they are now replacing the monthly ones.


“Game events” not Roblox event. Roblox events have a special splash page and catalog items and all that good stuff. This is literally just a glorified featured sort.

The “events” mentioned are game specific to be whatever you want them to be. It can be an update where you add trains for all they care.


I like the idea of trying to get publicity for newer/upcoming games with this idea but, I don’t like the idea of not allowing players to get special items from these events, even if it were just in the form of shirts… I really just don’t think they would be as fun as the actual ROBLOX ran events. However, I guess it would be fun to see the developers spin on these “Live-Ops.”